Parlez-vous français? Oui with these Apps.

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Ello there.

I’ve been fancying a trip across the pond and in May it will happen.

Seriously, I’m counting the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds until the big trip to London and Paris. While I’m not too nervous to visit London, Paris is a different animal altogether. Mostly because of the language barrier.


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The only foreign language experience I have is a few years of High School Spanish. Of which I only remember Holla and how to count to 10. And…college Latin, which is the deadest language EVER. Unless you are a physician or reading Greek Mythology.

Which means I need to learn a little bit of French so I can at least find a bathroom and coffee {not necessarily in that order}.

Lucky for me, my iPhone can not only connect me to friends and family while I’m in Paris, but it can help me learn French too.

A 2015 study by the Pew Research Center found that approximately one-third of respondents have used their smartphone to take a class or access educational content, such as learning a new language.

As a full-time working mom, I’m extremely busy, so finding time to sit down and study French can be a bit of a struggle. My iPhone breaks down the education process into bite size pieces so I can conveniently practice my French while in line at the grocery store. That’s definitely a mom win!

How smart devices make it easier to learn a new language:

Smartphones like the Apple iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 are very useful for learning a new language. One way to use your phone to continue your language education is by downloading language learning apps to increase vocabulary and work on basic grammar.

Another easy way to learn a language is by listening to podcasts or watching videos in that language. There are many easily accessible language-learning videos and podcasts out there. Non-education podcasts and videos, such as sports news or children’s cartoons, are also great ways to become familiar with a secondary language.

A next level trick you can try is changing the language on your smartphone to your new language. I already have Siri programmed with an English accent, now I just need to make him speak French. By changing my phone’s GPS app to French I can quickly learn directional vocabulary that will help me getting around Paris.

I’m excited to use Duolingo or Babbel to learn French, and if I get in a jam during my trip I can always use iTranslate.

And when someone asks me “Parlez-vous français?” I will confidently say, “Oui”.


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  1. I have learned French for one year. But now I forgot many words. I think I have to practice it again.
    Evelyn recently posted..Top 10 Best Cheap Running Shoes 2017 ReviewedMy Profile

  2. I love France.I will study in French next month. This post’s so helpful to me.Thank you for offering it.
    Kristi Cathey recently posted..What Is The Best Temperature For The Baby Room?My Profile

  3. My biggest dream is to go to Paris!! I’m taking a French language in my school right now…Hopefully I will get to go!!
    Vicky Cristina recently posted..10 Best running shoes for high arches – Women and MenMy Profile

  4. I’m also using Duolingo for learning Chinese, it’s very good. Thanks for sharing about Itranslate app, I usually use google translate, I’ll try to use itranslate how it is
    Reynolds recently posted..Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet 2017 – Reviews and Ultimate GuideMy Profile

  5. My mother tongue is Vietnamese, I learn English in school and improve via my job. I usually use Google translation and some app on the phone but never try this app yet. I have just download itranslate, hope it help. Thank you
    evelyn recently posted..Top 30 Best Shoes For Standing All Day 2017 ReviewedMy Profile

  6. I also want to study other languages. Thanks for suggesting some apps for learning French! We cannot disclaim how useful of these smart devices, right? Hope you are doing well with your learning process and have a nice trip 🙂
    Richard recently posted..5 Steps to Creating Your Secret Escape with the Right Ambience and PlantsMy Profile

  7. I learned French in high school, but I have forgotten most of it. These days the learning material available for us is so much better. I use apps for learning Chinese and Thai, but more on my iPad than my iPhone.

    I have found however that the apps are good in teaching vocabulary, but when learning conversationally, I use audio programs such as Pimsleur.
    Leo Tat recently posted..What Is Spirulina? 30 Health Benefits of This Nutritional Algae Powder!My Profile

  8. Wow, your article is really full of motivation and also full great ideas. Every time I read them, I feel like working very hard to write a good article like this. Very helpful article, keep it up admin and thanks for sharing such a cool and nice posts.
    faith recently posted..Babbel Chinese – Babbel Learn ChineseMy Profile

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