Perfect Little Bras: Mom Style Files {#msfiles}

MS Proper Fit Bras #MSFILES


Finding a bra that actually fits brings about a new level of frustration, and it comes in a close second to jean shopping.


There was a brief moment during puberty when the training bra fit well, was comfortable and sort of cute. Then the pink bow fell off, the hook became bent and I left for college. It was time to retire it, because wearing your training bra to college isn’t cool.


That’s when I joined team “make it bigger”.


I dreamed of a bigger chest, even contemplating breast implants. However, I had to buy textbooks and pay rent, and larger boobs weren’t as important as a college education. Then my dreams were answered in the form of the Wonderbra. I embraced the super padded wonderfulness.




I got married and had kids then comfort became more important. I quickly switched teams and became more of a “natural is better” member. My bra collection consists of three nude and three black soft cup bras. Exciting right?


Well, I’m now 40, and I’ve decided to create my own team, the “I want it all” team. I want pretty bras with a little oomph, but not too much and they still need to be comfortable.


Sounds like an easy wish list right?


Maybe if you aren’t cup-challenged like myself.


When I posted my dilemma on Facebook, some of my fellow itty bitties suggested wearing tween bras. Basically, there is no cup size and it’s just the ribcage measurement.


While this sounds like an easy and economical solution it had its cons.

 UNI Boob

Patterns are geared toward tweens, and let’s just say a bra with hearts on it at 40 isn’t sexy, and borders on creepy. The other more technical aspects include a too narrow ribcage strap that creates a back fat flap, even if you don’t have back fat, and the ultimate deal breaker the uni-boob. It smooshed my little girls and made them look smaller, if that’s even possible. {Yep, according to that picture it is possible}.


Lumpy and Bumpy

My tried and true soft cup bras were the answer I needed, but they were kind of blah. That and the fact that the bras I had been buying were discontinued years ago put me back at square one on finding the right size. What I found was a lumpy, bumpy mess. The cups were still to large for the ladies and created weird lumps and bumps where there shouldn’t be lumps and bumps. A small size would fit in the cup area, but then create the dreaded back fat issue. UGH….


Frustrated and ready to throw in the towel {er bra} I was ready to declare each day a braless holiday and forget the whole thing. Then I searched internet and found a whole community of itty bitty girls just like me. HURRAH!


One of them, Emily Lau decided to take matters into her own hands and create a bra company specifically tailored for petite women. The Little Bra Company was born in 2007 and bras are designed to fit a smaller body type giving a better fitting and more natural-looking curve.




Just what I was looking for.


The lovely ladies at The Little Bra Company gave me some of their gorgeous bras to take for a test drive.


The first step was trying to figure out my size. Especially, since after my previous bra failures I have no clue what size I actually wear. The Little Bra Company has a Find Your Size guide on their website and it’s super simple to follow. It was so simple I measured myself in the bathroom at work over my lunch hour.


The next trick to the perfect fit is THE SCOOP. I’ve been doing The Scoop for years, so this was nothing new to me, and it works.


Now time to try the bras…


The Julia in Nude and Black


Julia The Little Bra Company

I like the looks of the Julia, very similar to my standard soft cup bra but with a little padding {that can be removed} and a better fit. Unfortunately, the Julia cut too high in my arm pit and was a little uncomfortable.


The Yvonne in Nude and Mocha

Yvonne The Little Bra Company

The lace made me fall in love this bra, and it made me not want to wear it. The bra is absolutely gorgeous and fit nicely. Unfortunately the lace bugged me a bit.


The Tonia in Emerald

Perfect Fit Tonia The Little Bra Company

The Winner! This bra fits all my requirements. It’s stunning with a lace and shear combination. The fit is perfect. Just the right amount of padding and no back fat to speak of.  As you can see it created a nice natural shape with no bumps, lumps or uni-boobs to be found.


I’m ecstatic that I found The Little Bra Company, and my wish for finding THE PERFECT FIT has come true.


The Little Bra Company even sells lingerie, which can be hard to find for us smaller ladies and matching undies for all their bras. It’s a win, win.


Are you ready to treat your tatas to a new bra?


Head over to The Little Bra Company and enter HEARTPINK10 to receive 10% off your purchase. Purchase any pink bra and 10% goes toward Breast Cancer Charity.


Now that you have found the perfect bra, visit Melissa and find the perfect fit in jeans too.


The nitty gritty: Keep in mind that everyone’s body type is different, so what doesn’t fit me may work perfectly for you. I was compensated for my review of The Little Bra Company, but all opinions and love of their bras is my own.

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