Physical Distancing {Day 11}

Virtual happy hours and virtual coffee dates make everything better. Connection is the key during social distancing. In fact, many have stopped referring to it as such and instead call it physical distancing. Because the last thing we want to do right now is to stop being social.

Humans crave connection. Without it, our lizard brains can dry up into dust. We become hollow and empty.

The introverts in the room are like “Nah we’re good” but by day 30 even they might be craving connection.

I’m lucky to have such a strong support group and I worry about others who don’t.

As of right now, the US is topping the charts in outbreaks and deaths. It’s devastating. The videos out of New York will make grown men weep.

It’s been only 11 days and it feels like an eternity. But as one day ends we move forward to a new beginning.

Wash your hands, wear your mask, social distance, be kind to one another and survive (physically and economically) to build a better world. ❤️

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