A {Remembering} Sound Bytes of the Week

This week I’ve been reminiscing. Which is hard because it’s cold again and my brain doesn’t work when it’s below zero.


I digress …


But I have been remembering when numbers on the scale haunted me. Food was the enemy and my self-worth was measured in calories. My battle with anorexia was a long nightmare from which I’ve finally awoke. Only just this year at the ripe age of 40 did I finally I realize that cellulite doesn’t really matter to me anymore, and when I weigh myself {which is VERY rare} it’s to measure my muscle mass not fat.


I’ve talked about my story numerous times.


How being a mom and competing in triathlons saved me, and how it’s about self-worth not the scale.


But as I posted photos of my growth and remission on Instagram with the NEDAwareness #CaptureHope my photos were being liked by women and girls who were still trapped in that nightmare. I clicked on a couple of their profiles and warnings of trigger photos greeted me. Pictures of ribcages and and hollow cheeks filled with sadness made my heart ache.


Strong instead of Skinny NEDAwareness #CaptureHope
Strong instead of skinny #CaptureHope


I raised my hands to the heavens and said a silent prayer for those lost souls and I also whispered words of gratitude for the love and support of my family.


Especially my husband, and our two boys they are my light in the night. They also provide me with nose doinks, hugs, giggles and Sound Bytes.


3. “Mama say boo. I have the hiccups.”

HA! I love it when littles pick up on things. I said boo, but it didn’t work.


2. “I dry all day.”

Crossing fingers and toes, but Little Red has worn undies all week and yesterday he was dry all day. Woot! Woot! Hopefully we can keep it up, because I’m SO ready to ditch the diapers.


1. “I give you a fart hug.”

So, a fart hug is when you hug someone so tight they fart. FYI I pretend fart, and Little Red thinks it’s hilarious.


Well, I’m off to start the weekend.


Enjoy yours, and may it be filled with fart hugs and normal hugs.

Brother Hugs

If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, there is hope. The National Eating Disorder Awareness site has resources to help. It’s time to step out of the dark and into the light.



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