Returning the Favor: Bigger Picture LOVE

There are days I hate it.

I mock it.

Degrade it.

Abuse it.

Rip it apart for not being up to my standards.


But it’s a part of me, and no matter what I do it will never leave my side.

In fact it does quite the opposite.

It delivered two healthy baby boys.


It bounced back from an eating disorder.

It sweats and moves as I compete.

Pigman Triathlon

It gives great hugs.

I’m almost forty {only seven more months to go}, and throughout all those years I’ve been cruel and heartless, while it has been loyal and true.

A little bit each day I begin to love it again.

To see laugh lines as a badge of happiness found.

To see gray hair as years of wisdom.

The Real Me

To see the battle scars of my past healed in muscle.

Loving ourselves is so much harder than loving anything else in our lives. I love my children, my husband, coffee and chocolate more than I love myself, and my body.

For we are our own worst critics, and we can find fault in the littlest wrinkle, gray hair or untoned muscle, but we are missing the bigger picture.

Our body LOVES US, it helps us along our journey of life.

It delivers babies.

It gives hugs.


It’s time we return the favor.

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, please raise awareness and give your body a hug today, it deserves one. You can read my story of recovery here.



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10 thoughts on “Returning the Favor: Bigger Picture LOVE

  1. beautiful post. your body has been through a lot and i’m glad you are caring for it now. i’ll be 40 this year, too … we should celebrate!

    1. It’s easy to start comparing or just get so consumed with life that we take it for granted. I need the reminder too every once in a while.

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