ME + Ryobi ONE Hedge Trimmer = Power LOVE {Sponsored}

This is sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor Tools.


Well, I finally have the hedges done all gazillion of them {ok maybe there are only 20}, and my outdoor TO DO list is on the cusp of being ditched for the winter. {insert angels singing}.


So, I’m sure you are curious to know how the Ryobi ONE+ Hedge Trimmer stood up to my jungle of a yard. In a word AWESOME!


Power Love #ditchthelist

I LOVE {if you can love a power tool} my hedge trimmer. It has taken my outdoor tasks to a whole new level of doable. In the past I’d have to beg and plead the hubs to stop watching football and work on the yard. Now I can do it all on my own. Booya!


What’s changed?

Ryobi ONE+ Hedge Trimmer


Well for one I don’t have to deal with any fluids. Seriously, filling a gas tank on any object other than a vehicle scares the crud out of me. Then there is the pulling of a cord and blah, blah, blah…because after all that you’ve totally lost me.


With my Ryobi ONE+ hedge trimmer I just pop in the battery, press the button and go. Easy peasy.


I loved the fact that it’s light-weight and my arms don’t feel like JELLO after trimming the jungle.


After I did some research on how to trim hedges {cause I guess there’s a special way} I realized our hedges were quite a bit overgrown and this might pose a problem when trimming because the stems would be too woody and too big. Well, they must not have been as bad as I thought because the Hedge Trimmer only got caught up twice. When that happened it automatically shut off so I could remove the offending branch.


Ryobi Hedge Trimmer



One downfall, which I hear is common with all battery operated tools, the battery didn’t last through all the trimming. I had to stop, wait for it recharge {about an hour or enough time to play a pick up game of football with the kiddos} and then get back to work. This could be easily avoided by just buying another battery pack for a backup, which luckily is interchangeable with all Ryobi ONE+ tools.


Overall, I loved my hedge trimmer and I’m so grateful to Ryobi Outdoors for letting me try it out. Unfortunately, now that I’m done with the hedges I have to return to my dreaded indoor list, which involves that annoying toilet brush…UGH….is it spring yet?


The Nitty Gritty: This is a sponsored post by Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor Tools  and I was compensated for my time by Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor Tools. However, all thoughts, opinions and love of power tools are all my own.

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