Scenes: This is 40

Celebrate #redturns40

As the hubs leaned over in bed and whispered Happy Birthday to me, I smiled.


Today I turn 40.


Initially, I was going to take the day off, and do some big grandiose Gratitude day with some ROAKs and shit, but I was too lazy. I also knew the day would end with me staring into an empty pint of a Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.


So…instead I embraced the day like any other day.


I slept in, because 40 year olds need their sleep.


I didn’t feel any different, other than the big boobs courtesy of my new bra.


The kiddos wished me a happy birthday


And 10 minutest later they said they hated me and yelled at me as we left the house.


I cussed at slow drivers because we were late.


I accepted a birthday latte from a stranger….


Wait what was that last one?


Yep, on my birthday every year I have a tradition where I buy coffee and treat the person behind me. Today the gentleman behind me refused and instead bought mine, wished me happy birthday and told me I didn’t look like I was 40. Booya!


I was late to work.


But when I got there my co-workers decorated my office and there was no black … they know me so well.


Office #redturns40


I “worked” for a while.


Went to lunch and waited over and hour and a half for our food, which ended up being FREE.


I received copious amounts of well wishes on FB, text and Twitter {loving social media right now}.


My boys sent me these.


Flowers #redturns40


I got an email telling me E had a tough day at school.


It’s raining, but I like the rain so that doesn’t really bother me.


It’s a day like any other day, but just a little bit different.


Just like turning 40, it’s the same, but different.


I could have been one of those women who rebel against the Big 4-0 and tell the world I’m still 39. Slather my face with creams made from bull semen or dye my hair {wait I already do that}.


I’m not that woman.


Instead I will conquer the hill, and rest on the other side.


I like the view from here.


My peak years weren’t in high school or even during my 20’s. It was my thirties when I met my internet love and had two crazy boys, and the pieces of my life started making sense. When my career finally took me in the right direction and I was able to build my tribe through blogging and triathlons life was suddenly peaceful, if busy and messy can be peaceful.


Sure there were things I wanted to cross off my “Before I’m 40” list, but I’m giddy at the thought of my 40’s.



Because like Sinatra said “The Best is Yet to Come.”


#gratitude40 #redturns40

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