Scenes: 5 Reasons You SHOULD Take your Kids Shopping

On Saturday a miracle happened, and for a moment I really didn’t believe it, but there I was standing in Target and the mall all ALONE!!!

No kiddos, just me.

As the doors slid open for my arrival, the familiar smell of Target popcorn greeted me and then I made my way to the mall {our Target and mall are attached, convenient and gets me into trouble}. There were no little people tugging my coat begging for rides on the mechanical toy cars, that eat quarters like candy. There was no whining about going to the stinky candle and soap store. But there were other things that were missing too…

Because sometimes taking them shopping with you isn’t all bad.

Shopping Kids

{or at least one of them, the good and peaceful one}

1. You can steal their snacks.

We have a ritual. Every time we enter Target we stop to get popcorn before we do anything else. While I pretend we don’t need it, I secretly LOVE it, and snitch my fair share from the bag.

Target Popcorn

2. The stroller makes a great bag holder.

I haven’t had to carry a single shopping bag for almost five years. Yesterday I had to schlep two VERY heavy and cumbersome sacks across the length of the mall, and I thought my arm was going to fall off. Which is why we will be using the stroller until the kids are in high school, I’m too old to carry all that stuff.

3. You don’t buy as much.

Seriously, I bought so much extra crap yesterday without the boys. When they are with me I don’t have time to get distracted by shiny clearance racks, and I definitely don’t have time to try anything on, which means I save more money.

4. You can skip your workout for the day.

Because chasing two boys through the mall and Target will be all you need for cardio that day.

Mall Playing

and last but not least….

5. You have someone to talk to. 

I spent two hours shopping yesterday and didn’t speak more than five times. My boys are a bevy of factoids and conversations, I love talking to them and showing them things. Even the whining is ok…to a certain point…because at least I’m engaged with someone. By the time I was done and heading home I actually missed them.

Until the two year old had a meltdown over “snacks” and the five year old was begging for Angry Birds…then I just wanted to drive back to Target again.


9 thoughts on “Scenes: 5 Reasons You SHOULD Take your Kids Shopping

  1. Love this for so many reasons! A. You’re a fellow redhead. Bonus points for that. B. I have a 2 year old son and he DOES make my Target trips more exciting… although not so much Thursday when he had a meltdown. C. Your perspective is so positive and refreshing. I’m happy I discovered you! I’m going to follow you on BlogLovin’ and Twitter. 🙂
    Christina recently posted..Naughty Little MiceMy Profile

  2. You are totally right! Especially about the snacks. I have no qualms opening up a bag of snacks in the grocery store as long as the kids are along for the ride. No one needs to know it’s more for me than it is for them 🙂
    Michelle recently posted..Easter Is Coming!My Profile

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