Scenes: Age is Just a Number


Age is just a Number

“That’s so Bae,” replied one of my millennial co-workers.

It was my first week on the job at Sculpt and I quickly realized that I was “out of touch.” Not only did I have to ask my friend Google what the heck Bae meant, but I also showed up to my first Retro with a notebook and pen instead of my laptop.

The hipster comic book t-shirts weren’t hiding my age.

I grew up before computers were in invented. I remember when cell phones had be carried in bags, not pockets. And the Internet was something only seen in SciFi movies.

That’s how old I am.

Never in a million years did I think I’d be working with people young enough to be my children. But in this era of entrepreneurs, startups, and economic downturns, employee dynamics in the workplace have changed. According to Pew Research,Baby Boomers make up one-third of the nation’s workforce and Gen X-ers and Millennials comprise the other two-thirds.

While there has been some pop culture confusion on both sides, I’ve found that these little whippersnappers know a thing or two about business… {Read More}

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