Scenes: A Clean Plate

I was chatting with a friend the other day, commenting on my training schedule, how I’m producing the This is My Brave Show and how I need to meet deadlines for blog posts and work projects, not to mention laundry and house charming {which basically means I just pick up LEGOS all the time}.


While I’m telling her all these crazy things she just looked at me, her face becoming more and more serious “WOW! Your plate is full,” she said.


“Well, yeah,” I stammered. “But it’s a good busy. I’m not freaking out {yet} or anything.”


I mean seriously isn’t this all I wanted? Isn’t this what it’s all about?


When you go to the buffet don’t you heap everything you love and then some onto you plate, so you can capture each scrumptious bite?


I know I do.


But I also know this to be true.


When you cram too much on your plate, it can taste like crap. Your gravy gets mixed with your peas and your fruit and it just becomes one big disgusting mess
that you can’t even bear to look at let alone taste.


One of the lessons I’ve learned this year is to grant myself and my family grace. We eat cereal for dinner some nights or blow off laundry for blog posts or better yet trips to the park. By letting go I was able to stop rushing and set the pace.


Plate 2


It was hard, but once I did it felt pretty darn awesome.


So…it’s time to pitch the plate in the trash.


I’m picking up a new one. Clean and fresh and I’m filling it with only the things I love and not too much, because I want to savor those moments.


Plate 1


So my plate will be filled with family, friends and a life of joy, because I don’t like it when my peas are drowned in gravy.

2 thoughts on “Scenes: A Clean Plate

  1. What a great metaphor. I think I have heaped on too much, so I likely need to scrape some things off. I read someplace else about defining our lives as “full” versus “busy.” Sounds like you have a very “full” and “happy” life at the moment. Good for you!
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