Scenes: Ditch the List {Sponsored} #ditchthelist

This is sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor Tools.


I think about it while I’m swimming laps in the pool.


I think about it in the shower.


I add items to it during my morning commute.


I might cross a couple of items off during my lunch hour.


Only to replace them with a couple of more at the end of the day.


The TO DO list.


There are multiple TO DO lists.


There’s the make appointments list.


The make sure it’s in the backpack list.


My work list.


My blogging list.


The  grocery list and even the Christmas list.


Then there is the outdoor TO DO list.


#ditchthelist with Ryobi Outdoor Tools via @redheadreverie


This list gets pushed out of the main recesses of my brain, because “out of sight out of mind”. I don’t really think about it until I’m attacked on the front porch by an unruly tree branch, or I try to climb up the stairs only to trip over the remnants of a straggly bush or I stare out the kitchen window while making dinner and the see the same weed staring right back at me for the past three months.


It would be so empowering to get revenge on the offending trip hazard shrubs and head bonking tree limbs. However when it comes time to wield power tools, we have a pretty definitive division of labor in our house. The hubs does the outside manual labor and I do the inside toilet cleaning…joy {insert eye roll}


However, change is in the air, because I’m getting a little tired of toilet cleaning. Thanks to Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor tools I can take the plunge {no pun intended} and ditch my toilet brush for a hedge trimmer, weed eater or even a leaf blower. I’m tired of the outdoor list haunting me, and I’d like the power to do it all on my own.


It’s time to take matters into my own hands, and ditch the list.


So, I can hand over the toilet cleaning duties to the hubs.


Check out  the Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor tools, and tell me which tool you would use to ditch the list.


The Nitty Gritty: This is a sponsored post by Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor Tools  and I was compensated for my time by Ryobi ONE+ Outdoor Tools. However, all thoughts, opinions and love of power tools are all my own.


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