Scenes: My Fit Inspiration, Enouragement and Empowerment

The alarm has gone off three times and each time I hear it’s muffled wail I quickly press snooze, roll over and cuddle deeper under my smooshy down comforter. My eyes close, but my mind begins an inner dialogue that goes something like this…


“You really should get up and head to the gym.”


“But I’m so TIRED.”


“Get up you will regret it if you don’t.”


“But the hubs car is parked behind mine and I don’t want to move it.”


“No really get up, you will feel better after you workout.”


“But it’s so FREAKING cold!”


“Get your BUTT out of bed!”



Reluctant Workout

It’s a pretty long monologue that ensues before I finally pull myself from my bed nest and make my way to the bathroom. Groggily I splash water on my face, pop in my contacts, squeeze into my sports bra and tights, and make my way downstairs to my frigid car.


The moment I walk into the gym I’m greeted with smiles and lots of “hi’s” {it must be all the endorphins}. In the locker room I hear “it’s good to see you this morning,” I look up and see a woman whose name I don’t know, but I swim with her almost every single Wednesday morning. We don’t know each others names or family, but we share the same passion for swimming and fitness.


As I make my way out to the fitness floor, the “morning girls” are there. Still I don’t know their names, but we see each other almost every morning at 6 am. “We missed you the other day,” mentioned one of the girls. “Yeah, I slept in,” I said reluctantly. “Well, you are here today, so that’s good,” she replied.


It was nice to be missed.


It was even nicer to be encouraged.


That’s something about the fitness community that I LOVE the encouragement, the smiles on the race course, the cheers. It’s like we are all working together for a common goal. It truly is a community … but it’s not just this day that proves it to me.


It’s the days when I post a fitness selfie and I have friends tell me I’m “awesome” and say “way to go”


Shoulders #gratitude40


It’s meeting a stranger on the first day of your kickboxing class and almost three years later you are still best friends.



It’s having your spin instructor tag you on Facebook to encourage you to attend class.


It’s talking triathlons with a fellow mom who lives in sunny Arizona and becoming friends even though you’ve never met in person.


Fitness is about more than six pack abs, and a tiny butt. It’s about building friendships, empowering yourself and being inspired by others.


Each day when my inner monologue begins I remember these friendships and they are what get my ass out of bed and into the gym.


Thank You for encouraging, inspiring and empowering me.


On a side note…

GoTRIbal activeBudz


If you are looking to meet some fitness minded folks that can encourage, inspire and empower you, there’s an app for that, called Activebudz. Created by a friend and one of the most inspiring people I know, the app connects you with other athletes and is like a “friend finder”. The interface is similar to FB, but instead of looking at cat videos and taking surveys on which Star Wars Character you resemble, you will be connected with fitness fanatics who like to swim, bike and run, just like you!


The app is brand-spankin’ new and it might take a while to get all the information out there, but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.


What are you waiting for? Go and download the FREE iPhone* app and start meeting your Activebudz.


*Activebudz is only available for the iPhone. My friend needs to sell another body part to make the Android version, but rest assured it’s coming.
Download it here: Go TRIbal Activebudz


*This is not a sponsored post, just me spreading the word about my friend’s awesomeness, and giving my fitness pals a shout out.

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