Scenes from My Life: Young at Heart

A can feel it in the air …


The winds of change are inevitable

There’s no denying the fact that we are all getting older {and wiser}.

I do however have to stifle eye rolls when I read Facebook and blog posts about friends worried about turning 30.

“Seriously,” I think to myself. “My thirties were the BEST.”

I bid sayonara to my student loans

I found my true love

I started a family


I’ve never been one to get hung up on turning a year older. In fact I’ve never really considered myself over the ripe old age of thirty.

Unfortunately society thinks differently. According to my actual birth date I should be finding ways to turn back time and fight those winds of change with face concoctions, shots of botulism and surgical procedures that rival Dexter.

Not me.



No matter how many gray hairs peek through the red or how deep my forehead wrinkle becomes.

I have a different strategy for staying young.

It’s called Young by Association.

You hang out with younger people and you will feel younger and in essence people will think you are younger.

Now I’m not saying you should hang out at the local High School, because let’s face it that would just creep everyone out. I’m saying find people you have things in common with and don’t worry about their age.

One of my BESTIES is only in her twenties, and we have a grand time hanging out at the farmer’s market, kicking the crap out of a kickboxing bag and chatting over coffee.

However there are those awkward moments, when my age becomes apparent.

Like when I make 30 year old TV show reference.

“I love it when a plan comes together” {A-TEAM}

“C-AT. CAT” {The Electric Company}

Or that I can remember life before the internet. {creepy right?}

Or I sing the Journey version of Don’t stop Believin’ instead of the GLEE cast version.

Or that I can’t pull off comic book t-shirts {or can I?}

Yeah, there are many clues that I’m OLD, ANCIENT or as I like to call myself VINTAGE.

However, the number of birthdays doesn’t define me.

And while I listen to Mumford and Sons in my hipster chic comic book t-shirt with my dyed red hair, I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee with my twentysomething friends and share my unique wisdom of the world.

I’ll just make sure not slip in any pop culture references.


6 thoughts on “Scenes from My Life: Young at Heart

    1. I know! I love hanging out with younger people, it makes me feel hip. I think I’ll be that person at the old folk home who is hanging with the 40 year olds. 🙂

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