Scenes: Margaritas, 80’s Music and No Kids

A couple of weeks ago you might have seen our giddy faces smiling back at you from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We looked like a couple of teenagers out on a date we were so deliriously happy.


Giddy Couple

Why were we smiling?


No we didn’t win the lottery and we weren’t on a tropical vacation. Although we felt like it…instead we were kid-free for 24 hours in our own home.


This may not seem like THAT big of deal, but for us it was HUGE. We felt like Tom Cruise in Risky Business – minus the hookers of course.


We haven’t been alone in the house for 24 hours since Big E was born. If you are counting, that’s SEVEN years.




That’s a long time to go without some couple time.


What took us so long?


Well, there was the fact that we can’t just boot said children out into the streets so we can dance around in our undies to Bob Seger. Some mode of childcare does need to be implemented. Up until recently we haven’t had any family in our area, so it was either pay for a hotel AND babysitter or just suck it up. We choose sucking it up for the past seven years, because it would cost us a right and left arm to pay for both a hotel and babysitter overnight.


Luckily, my mom and step-dad are now in the area and we suckered them into hosting our little hooligans for a night of debauchery {them not us}.


When Sunday morning rolled around I literally couldn’t wait to get the kids loaded in the car and drop them at Mimi and Papa’s.


“Are you going to even stop the car,” my mom asked, “or are you just going to come to a rolling stop and throw them out.”


Before you start calling DHS … I didn’t throw the kids out of the car. I actually stopped, let them out nicely, pecked them on the cheeks and yelled “so long suckers” as I drove away rocking to 80’s music {I had to get in the mood}


Once I returned to a silent house my husband and I just stood there for a moment soaking it all in.


So THIS is what it was like before kids, the mind sometimes forgets. However, within 45 minutes the mind reverted to kid-free mode and we quickly got the party started.


First we tackled yardwork and housework that seemed to be unachievable with the presence of little people.


We then rewarded ourselves with Mexican food, margaritas and a night with Godzilla and some friends.


We stayed up late [11 pm} because we knew we could sleep in {7 am}, and then we went for bike ride. The hubs disagrees, but I pinky swear that it’s been SEVEN years since we’ve been alone on our bikes too.


Biking Couple

Post bike ride we cleaned the house without little people messing it up right behind us.


I told you we are party animals.


But out of all of this the BEST part was we TALKED.


Sure we talk while the kids are with us, but it’s about teeball, work, pickups, dropoffs, homework and other random crap. We don’t REALLY talk or connect.


That weekend we reconnected.


I have always said that I love my kids, but at some point they will leave home {hopefully} and then I will be left with this guy, and I don’t want him to be a stranger.




So often the BS of life can consume two people who just struggle to get kids to school and home, and make dinner without losing their shit, and once you are consumed it’s hard to let it all go, and find yourselves again.


Thanks to grandparents, margaritas, a bike ride and some 80’s music we found US again.


Hopefully, we don’t need to wait another seven years before doing it again… “Hey Mimi and Papa the boys are ready to visit you again…ahem.”


Cue 80’s music.

2 thoughts on “Scenes: Margaritas, 80’s Music and No Kids

  1. Glad to see that you got to have some alone time away from your children. I am a grandmother and take my grandchildren so that my children and their partners can have a night alone from time to time as everyone needs this to explore how couples can enjoy each other once again without the kids. BTW, ” says ‘Hello Better.’ “

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