Scenes: Press Pause

Crunch. Shuffle.

Crunch. Shuffle.

Three pairs of feet traversed the gravel-laden trail toward the crystal blue lake. We walked hand in hand, quietly soaking in the beauty of what laid before us. The calmness of the water beckoned my overactive stressed out mind. Our vacation was finally here, and my body and soul were ready.

Our little family of four needed some time away. A moment to become reacquainted with one another without the chaos of work, baseball practice, summer camp, preschool drop-offs, grocery shopping, laundry…you know ALL the things.

The boys, giddy with excitement, began sprinting toward the water.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Their little legs kicking up gravel behind them.

Clomp. Clomp. Clomp.

Their footsteps hit the wooden planks of the dock, echoing across the lake, breaking the silence.

Amid their flurry of questions about fishing, swimming, marshminnows {aka marshmallows} – I exhaled.

All the shit that accumulated in my soul expelled itself in that one breath.


Push Pause

I was free from the rat race {at least for a little bit}

Time was quickly forgotten. The days were measured in moments of laughter between light and dark, hungry and tired.




My days were spent coloring, reading, writing, fishing with the big kid, and playing game after game of Who Shook Hook with Little Red. My evenings were spent watching the sunset holding hands with the hubs the only sound was a random fish splashing in the water.

It didn’t matter that the cottage was the size of a shed, and the water smelled like rotten eggs.

All that mattered in that moment was us, as a family, making memories to a last a lifetime. At some point the boys will grow up and the lake will lose its charm – replaced by iPhone screens.




We were in a place where time stood still.

Where people waved to each other as they drove by.

Where a neighbor shares his favorite fishing spot.

Where our little family of four, is invited to break bread with the locals.

Where night crawlers are sold next to cups of steaming coffee.

Where we are greeted with signs like “Squirrel Crossing” and “An Old Crow and a Cute Chick Live Here.”

Where the cool breeze caressed my check and whispered, “stop, remember this.”

I do remember, and will always remember these moments for they are what make me whole.



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