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I received a free RYOBI Generator from RYOBI and a trip to RYOBI headquarters in exchange for writing this post.


We awake to fresh brewed coffee, and the sounds of the Iowa fight song. The air is crisp, chilling my hands and ears, the leaves crunched underfoot as I made my way through the swirling mass of black and gold. The streets were overflowing with people headed to see the Hawkeyes toss around the pigskin.


Hawkeye Wind


It was game day.


For years we’ve been season ticket holders for University of Iowa Hawkeye games. The game itself is a minor part in a bigger picture of the day’s events. The biggest spectacle takes place before the game.


Iowans know three things pigs, corn and tailgating.


Our tailgating tradition has gradually been evolving throughout the years. First it was the car, then it was a pickup and now it’s the Winnie, or as we like to call her “Eagle 5” {for all you Spaceball fans}.


Tailgate Traditions 1


When I tell people we have an RV for tailgating their first reaction is excitement. Most-likely because they are picturing one of the luxury RV’s like the kind rockstars use.


Then they see Eagle 5.


Tailgate Tradiitions


She’s not a bad RV, a bit rough and worn around the edges. We lovingly refer to her as vintage and classic.


On game day she beckons to me from afar, my salvation from the crisp Iowa air. I open the door as a waft of warm air welcomes me. Quickly I slap the door shut so as not to let it escape. The others had already arrived and were fueling themselves on the traditional game day breakfast of French toast and sausage.


Tailgate Traditions


I help myself to some Bailey and coffee. Chatting with friends and settling in to our tailgating rituals of UNO games and Jenga. Truth be told we aren’t the rowdy tailgating bunch. We are low-key and chill just taking in the sights and sounds of the day. The kids jump up and down on the burnt orange plaid RV cushions, pretending they are football players.


Smiling I realize that the warmth that surrounds me on football Saturdays isn’t only from the cozy RV, but also from the warmth of friendship and family.


Without the power of our RYOBI generator our tailgate tradition would have been left out in the cold. While Eagle 5 is reasonably sturdy, her generator conked out last year and we were worried her tailgating days would be over.


Tailgate Traditions

Thankfully my friends at RYOBI offered us two generators to help us keep the tradition going. The generators power all the electrical in the RV, which includes the heater, so stay nice and cozy while watching the pre-game show.


I can’t wait to continue our tradition for years to come, and share it with grandkids someday. I’m sure Eagle 5 maybe long gone by then, but we’ll still have our RYOBI generators to power us through.



The Nitty Gritty: This post is part of my RYOBI Outdoor Blog Ambassadorship all opinions and love of Hawkeye football and tailgating are my own.

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