Scenes: The Greatest Gift

I feel like I’m in an AA meeting, as I tell people my son has been anger-free for almost two months. {insert applause}

See, it’s conference time, and while other parents revel in glowing report cards and are pushing their children to work hard and try more, I’m just GRATEFUL.

This entire school year has been a struggle for ALL of us, and just when I thought the bottom was going to drop out, hope was found.

I know not everyone will agree with this, but hope was found in the form of a medicine bottle. Once it took effect, his life and our lives changed for the best.

In terms of school, he’s doing the work. Before he had to have special duties and could only do half the work, because he’d have so many outbursts.

He’s reading, little by little, and he loves it.

He actually decorated a heart and it’s proudly hung from his spot on the classroom ceiling. This is a HUGE accomplishment for him, as he couldn’t concentrate in order to color or decorate anything. And unfortunately, his confidence was so bad that he was AFRAID to color and create, because of what his fellow classmates would say.

That is gone, and while there are moments when he loses it or gets upset, it’s NOTHING compared to before.

While the effects at school are great, it’s what’s happening at home that’s even BETTER!!!

Our family is happier.

We don’t have to walk on egg-shells anymore, and we can actually parent him. Things that I would have let slide because I couldn’t handle another blow-up, I’m now addressing. No more special meals, cleaning up is mandatory and we are doing some schoolwork at home.

The BEST part is THIS….

E Playing UNO

A continuous smile and happiness.

Because I could care less whether he’s at the top of his class or is a gifted child, because his joy is the GREATEST gift to me.

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