Scenes: The Spark

“I hope you find your spark this weekend,” she said to me as we dipped our brushes in vibrant paints and glided them across the blank canvas.


“Me too,” I whispered.


It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that spark. My creative fire, the one that fuels my soul, has become glowing embers slowly being snuffed out. Not on purpose or maliciously, just because – LIFE.


Once I started my new job over a year ago it suddenly became clear that creating and writing for clients tapped into my own creative fire. Eventually, there was nothing left just for me. The last thing I wanted to do was put pen to paper. Instead I folded laundry, planned meals, cleaned the kitchen, picked up dog dung, folded more laundry, cooked dinner, packed lunches, made dinner again…you get the point. I didn’t do a single thing to kindle my creativity.


I was literally dying. Parts of me were craving a creative outlet, but a larger part was just too damn tired to even form a coherent sentence.


The words that once came so easily were slowly being snuffed out. Something needed to be done.


When Michelle said she was heading to Northern Illinois to see our mutual friends, who I haven’t seen in TWO years, I knew this was it. This was the kindling to help fuel my fire. My creative soul depended on it.


We’ve been together for only three days. In that time I’ve created and wrote more than I have in the past year.


The Spark1


My blog will finally hold my story again.


My walls will hold a painting I created.


My soul has found its creative spark again.


Now it’s time to let it burn.

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