Scenes: This is EIGHT

Dear Big E,


You turn EIGHT today!


I have no idea where the time has gone, I remember vividly the day you were born. You were late, which fit into my strategic plan. I had a huge work event that I had to be in charge of, and you waited till it was done to make your appearance. You were born on a Saturday, we joke that it was the Village Inn French toast combo that finally coaxed you into this world.


You were a big, almost 10 pound boy; sturdy in stature. I was never scared I would break you. From the moment I first held you I knew you were strong.


Big E Birth


We had our ups and downs those first few months getting to know one another, but eventually we found a rhythm. Mother and son; two peas in a pod.


You are like me in so many ways, and yet you look just like your daddy with dark hair and skin that tans a golden brown in the sun. There’s a little mole by your right eye that looks like dirt and often I try to wipe it off forgetting that it’s a permenant fixture. When you smile and laugh you put your whole heart into it. Your feelings are never halfway, sometimes when you are sad and angry you are like a tornado wiping out everything in your path.


Just like your mama.


Which is why your baby soul picked me. Remember that story I told you on the way home from school that day? YOU PICKED ME!


You picked me because you knew I could temper the storm and foster the laughter. We laugh so much more now. I’ve watched you grow from giggly baby, to giggly eight year old.


Eight – It’s hard to say, and the number gets stuck on my tongue like a glob of peanut butter.




You are on your way into an exciting world my boy, full of learning and growing. It will be fun, exciting and sometimes difficult, but your dad, brother and I will all be by your side.


As you travel through the world of eight remember…


You are a good person.


You are loved.


You are strong.


You will endure all things.


You are awesome.


On this day I remember…how you chose me to be your mama, and just how wonderfully lucky I am.


Happy Number EIGHT Big E!

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