Sick Days & Snow Days: BPM

My body ached, and my stomach was tied in knots. I knew I had dodged the flu bullet far to long and now it had shot me right between the eyes. “This must be what zombies feel like,” I thought, as I slowly got dressed. I had to go to work today, at least for the event, and then I reasoned I could go back home.

Exactly four hours later I was back home, snuggled in layers and tucked cozily in bed. Subconsciously, I had wished for this, a sick day, a break from the daily grind and some alone time to rest my body and mind.

But…feeling like a zombie didn’t quite have the allure it did before getting sick.

Because once you have the plague, you must be quarantined. Banned from hugs and kisses, and no playtime with little boys. No welcome home swings around the living room for my legs and arms were too weak to hold them. I felt helpless, and alone.

This IS how zombies feel. It must be.

I laid in bed staring at the ceiling I praying that I would be able to hold my family again. That my sickness wouldn’t last, that the fever would break and life could go on like it was.


This morning we awoke to school cancelations and blankets of snow.

Subconsciously I had wished for this, a snow day to hang with the family. Cuddling up in front of the fire watching movies and playing board games. I’m on the mend feeling better and freed from quarantine.

So, we play board games, and cuddle by the fire. Stuffing our faces with popcorn and watching cartoon movies with talking dinosaurs.

The children grew demanding at times, wailing about sharing toys or whining for candy. Quickly I reminded myself how only 24 hours ago I had wished to be returned to them; to cuddle, kiss and hug them, to be their mama once again.

Once their tantrum pass, I hug and kiss them and this time I swing them around the living room.




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