Skirting the Issue: Mom Style Files #MSFILES


It’s a new month for the Mom Style Files, which means a new mission.

Raise your hand if you are wearing yoga pants right at this moment. For those of you that just raised your hand, when was the last time you wore a skirt?

Was it a week? A month? Over a year?

Personally I’m a skirtaholic and wear them year around. However, I know other moms who are deathly afraid of them. Worried that they will bend over to pick up their little one and BAM! moon their entire playgroup. While, I can’t guarantee that won’t happen, I can guarantee that wearing a skirt needn’t be a traumatic event.

In fact a cute skirt can make you look like you have it “all together” even when you may be functioning on only two hours of sleep, and haven’t had caffeine in weeks.

So, for those of you that just raised your hands I encourage you take this month’s challenge along with our client, because it’s time to save the yoga pants for Yoga class and stop skirting the issue.

Rosemary Yoga Pants

Meet our Client: Rosemary a new mom, and former skirt lover who has been wooed by the evil power of yoga pants.

Her Mission: to wear a skirt three times a week.

Do you think she can do it? Stay tuned to find out.

If you would like to participate in this mission along with Rosemary, snap a photo of you in a skirt and use #MSFILES. We may feature your photo in our Challenge finale.

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