An {In-Between} Sound Bytes

Sound Bytes of the Week via Redhead Reverie 1-17-14


This week the days blended one into the other.


Wake up early.


Head to the gym where I sweat a lot and ran for a whole 6 minutes {yes, minutes not miles}.


Head home and wrangle the children into semi-clean clothes.


Head to work dodging crazy drivers along the way.


Work and stare at computer all day.


Meet some interesting people and hear a funny story or two.


Pick up big kid from school, dodging crazy drivers along the way.


Tick him off because he’s in the middle of playing basketball.


Then tick him off even more by making him do his homework and take a shower.


Make the kids oatmeal for dinner because I’m too tired.


Bathe the three year old, which his similar to bathing a cat.


Wrangle him into PJs.


Cuddle up for night shows, while I pin crap on Pinterest.


Put them to bed but not before they get a snack, a drink, a story and a song.


Beg the big kid to read Dragons, but he wants to read a Star Wars comic.


Squint to see the print because I’m in denial that I need reading glasses.




Plop frozen pizza on a plate.


Watch The Goldbergs with the hubs. Laugh and reminisce about the good old days.


Doze off while watching TV.


Head to bed, and repeat again tomorrow.


Sounds exciting right?


We did have ONE spontaneous moment to break up the monotony of the week – a dance party.


I had received the email about the school’s mini-dance marathon, but didn’t think E would really want to go. However, once he saw a couple of his friends heading to the gym with glow sticks he was begging to join in. I was tired and hungry, but I went. We had a blast for the 20 minutes that we stayed. My inner rave girl was feeling nostalgic as we danced together with our glow bracelets. After I embarrassed him one too many times on the dance floor {get used to it kid} He said he was ready to go.

Mom and Son Night

The smiles we had afterward were worth the extra hunger pangs and droopy eyelids.


That’s what life is all about those precious moments in between the boring and mundane. Oh, and some Sound Bytes always break up the monotony.


3. “Mom what do you need? I’m here to help.”

Lately, I’ve been seeing some maturing in our big boy. I attribute it to my let’s make a good husband day where I taught him to do the laundry and had him get his own cereal. He was so proud of himself, and he just wants to do more. Hopefully, I can teach him to clean toilets soon.


2. G: “Mama show me how to get down.”
     Me: “Like down from your chair.”
     G: “No get DOWN.” {insert hip wiggle}

I guess there’s a new song at school that’s all about “getting down”.  Hopefully I don’t have a future twerker on my hands.

1. “Mama he needs a lifesaver.”

Yep, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I thought it was a lifesaver instead of a lightsaber until I ten.




Well, that’s it from our universe.


I’m off to pick up the big kid.


Tick him off.


Then head to dinner with friends {see those spontaneous moments in-between}


Enjoy your in-between moments this weekend!



In case you missed it…

I’m giving away a workout planner, but they also make a super cool blog planner too.

Also, I had a wake up call last week in the form of a boob smoosh.

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