A {Why} Sound Bytes of the Week



When little red was on the cusp of three he went through the “why” stage.


Towler Photography Easton_0378

Why is the sky blue?


Why is the earth round?


Why is there cat puke on the floor?


You know the deep questions. Now that he’s older the why’s have tamed down a bit and he’s figuring out this big, wide, crazy world all on his own.


However, after this week, I’ve come to realize that the questioning doesn’t stop no matter how old you are.


The only difference is the questions get harder, and the answers more unclear. {if there are even any answers to be found}.


On a daily basis I raise my head to the sky and ask “WHY?”



Why am I so fortunate and others are not?


Why did I just drop that whole box of LEGOs?


Why is there heartache and pain?


I don’t have the answers. Well, I know why I dropped the LEGO box {it was slippery and I was in a hurry}, but the other stuff…yeah…I’m clueless.


This week as new joyous opportunities were dropped in my lap, I asked myself why I deserved them. What made me so special? I questioned my ability, strength and heart.


This should not be a question.


Even though I’m a work-in-progress I know my soul.


I firmly believe that someone knew I needed this opportunity. So I could finally feel like a REAL athlete, and share “my story” so I can empower others.


In the same breath I ask why there is tragedy. Why do little souls need to go to heaven before their time? Why can’t a person who is struggling catch a break? Why can’t life just be easy for once?


Unfortunately life doesn’t have an answer key it just happens, and we must bend and fold in its wake.


Like taking sucker punches to the soul, and in the same moment celebrating life’s blessings. It’s a wild roller coaster, and if you ask WHY you will drive yourself crazy…trust me I know.


So here I sit, in the car on the roller coaster waiting for the next hill and trying to not question the decent, the danger or the destination. Instead I will just brace myself for the ride, and not ask WHY.



I’ll also hug my blessings and giggle at their Sound Bytes of the Week.


3. “E why did you just write on the table?”
“Mom, I’m a crazy kid. It’s just what we do.”

Insert sigh. Yep, just bend and fold … just bend and fold. In his defense he was erasing it when I found him.


2. “Mama I fewl btta.”

Little red contracted croup on Saturday, and hasn’t had much of voice all week. It wasn’t until yesterday that he finally started getting back to his old self and “feeling better.”


Sick Red


1. “I’m just gonna let the wind blow through my hair.”

I second that E. Let’s just relax, enjoy the ride and feel the wind in our hair. Weeeeeeeeeeee….


As we close the book on this week’s Sound Bytes {and questions}, I’m comforted in the fact that while life may be full of ups, downs, twists, turns and loads of questions I’m not in it alone.




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