Sundays in the Park

Everyone in our house is suffering from cabin / spring fever so we decided to venture outdoors and head to the local park.

It was still a little brown out there, but the trees are showing little buds (if you look REALLY close) and there’s small hints of green here and there.

E made a beeline straight for the playground. The ground squishing under his feet and the cool, crisp breeze whistling in his ears.

In Iowa “spring” walks still mean hats with ear flaps, winter coats and gloves, but it didn’t matter we still had fun.

Our first mission was to see how fast we could make the dolphin go. FYI it’s faster than Superman.

A plethora of giggles could be heard throughout the park when G tried the swings for the first time.

He had fun watching big brother.

And soaking up the sun.

A walk isn’t complete until we find the BIGGEST stick ever.

And we decide to take it home.

But first we must play in a puddle.

That’s our Sunday in the park Iowa style.

What did you do this Sunday?

One thought on “Sundays in the Park

  1. >Nothing near as exciting as you. Put the dishes away, looked for coupon deals online, found my bridesmaids dresses, and made a trip to the mall to return some of the stuff that I have recently bought but shouldn't have (second thoughts once you get it home). Did a little grocery shopping & then picked up my stinky husband after playing hockey, Now at home, dreading the workweek 🙁

    Aren't you glad you asked. LOL

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