Swirlgear Interview with Lacie Whyte and a Giveaway {#MSFILES}

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It’s the end of June, and it’s time for our Mom Style Files Fit Fashion wrap-up and interview. How are you doing on our Fit Fashion Mission? Did you check out my TOP 5 TRIfashion Designers? Or check out Melissa’s fit fashion inspiration for her Dirty Girl Mud Run coming up this Saturday? {Run on over and wish her luck}.

If you are looking for my inspiration you will love today’s interview. I’m excited to introduce you to Lacie Whyte the mastermind behind Swirlgear running apparel.

Swirlgear Logo

What is Swirlgear?

It was 2006, and Lacie Whyte loved to run, but during the Grandma’s Marathon in Minnesota that year, she was hurting. The Chicago executive recruiter had agreed to run with her dad’s younger brother during a family visit. She found out her uncle was fast…really fast. After three consecutive 7:30 minute miles in 100% humidity, Whyte recalls, “I looked at my watch and I thought, what am I doing?”

She was in pain. She had no choice but to slow her pace down, letting her uncle run ahead. “Whatever a runner can do to take their mind off the pain of the race,” she says, “is what I was doing.” And so oddly enough, she focused on what people were wearing. Up until now, she had never noticed the boxy, dull-colored cotton worn by other runners. “There was nothing really fun about the apparel,” Whyte says. She finished the race and headed home to Chicago inspired: functional and fashionable running gear for women.

Enter Swirlgear!

Introducing Lacie Whyte…

Lacie Whyte Swirlgear founder

Age: 38

Hometown: Chicago

What You Do: Founder of Swirlgear, women’s running apparel brand

Blog or website: swirlgear.com

Style ID: Bohemian


Describe your style in one word:

Where did the name Swirlgear come from?
Women are always multi-tasking, wearing a million hats and “swirling” around and I wanted to capture that feeling in the name.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?
My two favorites are Halston and Philip Lim.

Why do you think wearing a cute outfit is important when working out?
There’s something to be said for feeling good about what you’re working out in…it puts that smile on your face and gives you a little kick of confidence when your apparel fits great. The busy lives we are all living today has a lot of us starting the day in athletic apparel, getting the kiddos to school, heading to work and grabbing that workout or run when you can. I felt that if we created a line of apparel that women could wear during various parts of their day, felt cute and put together, it would be a win-win!

What is your favorite piece of workout clothing?
I love our running jacket. I’m wearing it now as I sit in A/C and it’s my favorite piece for spring and fall running when the temperatures are unpredictable and windy.

Swirlgear Running Jacket

Our readers might be new to buying fitness specific clothing, what advice would you give them and what should they look for when it comes to material, style, etc?
Most important is the fit and fabric. If it fits well, is cut long enough so it won’t ride up on you during a work-out, has quality technical fabrics and flat seems so your body won’t chafe- go ahead and grab it. Most importantly, say NO to cotton.

My personal style idol is…
Sarah Jessica Parker. She can be quirky and whimsical, but the next day super high fashion in a gown. She always keeps things interesting.

Head over to Melissa’s and read the rest of Lacie’s Interview.

Don’t you just love her, and Swirlgear?

I love the company so much I’ve become a Swirlgear ambassador. Which means I can provide all my readers with FREE shipping with PROMO code 917 on Swirlgear purchase.

I’m also giving away a Swirlgear cap sleeve top in the color of your choice. Just like this one.

Swirlgear Cap Sleeve Top


{I ordered the sunshiny yellow}. The giveaway ends at 5 am {the time I wake up to run} on FRIDAY.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a GREAT Monday and go get your swirl on.

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  1. Wooot! The sunshiny yellow would go perfect with a pair of my Nike tempos! Thanks for the chance! Always looking to add cute athletic wear to my wardrobe!

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