The Game of LIFE {Day 6}

Today I should have been having a hair day at Hartwood I had canceled early this week knowing it wouldn’t happen. However, when I did cancel I decided I’d just pay for it and tip my stylist. Trying to do my part to help small businesses. I’ll have a free haircut and color waiting for me in May. Instead of a hair appointment, I spent the day with this dude. We played a game of Battleship and LIFE, folded laundry and played Mario Kart (I totes suck)

There were tons of laughs, hugs, and high fives. I literally can’t remember the last time we hung out like that. No one melted down either (miracle) 

While our evening plans went a bit haywire we all came together in the end because times like this call for unity. 

Today’s lesson, remember the little moments for they make big memories. Also, stay off social media for a day it makes all the difference. 

Wash your hands, wear your mask, social distance, be kind to one another, and survive (physically and economically) to build a better world. ❤️