The {Day After} Sound Bytes of the Week

Ok spill it what did you REALLY do for Valentine’s Day?

Other than the fact that it’s our first date “anniversary”, Valentine’s Day is a tad overrated. Even when you are married it’s not the glamorous unicorns and rainbows type of day the greeting card companies lead us to believe.

So, last night I’ll tell you that we exchanged cards, opened E’s Valentines, and I snuck some of his candy. We hopped the kids up on sugar then chased them around the house trying to get them to eat dinner, which consisted of chicken nuggets with mac and cheese. Then we put the kids to bed and the hubs watched the Hawkeyes play basketball and I hung out on the Internet {and watched GLEE}.

All said and done, a perfect night indeed.

Like I said in yesterday’s post it’s all about the little things.

Speaking of little things, my little things had some good Sound Bytes this week…

3. “Oh, yeah…oh, yeah…OH, YEAH!!!!
Ever since the Superbowl the little redheaded one has been yelling this whenever he’s excited. It’s pretty funny…

2. “I landed my butt and I need you to kiss it and make it better.”
Oh, the things we do as moms. By the way, I kiss feet too.

1. “ Love you mama!!!”
Well, that made Valentine’s Day the best day EVER!!!

In t-minus eight hours it will officially be the weekend, and the hubs and I are heading to a movie. Not sure which one yet, as the new Die Hard movie was getting horrible reviews, but … it is Die Hard. How bad could it be?

Well, have a great weekend and remember even though Valentine’s Day is over you can still spread the LOVE.




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