Through the Blizzard Comes the Sun: BPM

Splat, splat, splat…


Large raindrops dotted my windshield, and by the time I made it G’s pre-school it was changing to snow.


“A blizzard is coming,” I told him as we walked out into the elements.


“No Raining, MA MA. No,” and he started to cry.


I didn’t want the blizzard either; the hassle, the quandary over whether to make the trek to work the next day and the worry of not being safe at home.


But what could I do?


I am not all-powerful {contrary to what I think}. I can’t stop the storm from coming.


The blizzard raged through the night. Thunder boomed and lightening lit up the sky, and the wind howled its lonesome cry. Large flakes of snow greeted our morning communte and again G shouted “NO, snow, no.” I apologized for mother nature’s fury and felt helpless that I couldn’t take away my son’s irritation. We traveled together this mornning on a road trecherous and slick, unpredictable and full of worry. Cautiously I transported my precious cargo safely to his destination.



As I type this, the storm rages on. The angry wind threatening the livelihood of every tree branch. Its unrelenting cries through the windows haunt me as I work, sounding like the cries of my own G when he saw the storm this morning. For a moment we are safe, but soon it will be time to venture into the angry wind again. I must be brave, I must force myself out into the elements that I know could obliterate me and my family.


I have no idea when this storm will end, but I do know THIS storm created by the hands of mother nature herself will undoubtedly run its course and diminsh.  


It can’t last forever.


Just like the blizzard that roars in my soul.


It’s been a low rumble during our own struggles over the past five months, but the tragedy on Friday turned it into a full-blown fury.


Holiday cheer and joy have been replaced by fear and worry.


It’s hard to see the goodness through the storm, but there are hints.


Blurry glimpses on the horizon.


Stories of heroism in times of tragedy.

A friend who lends an ear and shoulder to cry on this week.


ROAKs {Random Act of Kindness} that have been performed throughout my city.


Hugs and giggles from two little boys excited for Christmas and oblivious to the blizzard going on around them.


With each act of goodness, the landscape clears and the sun shines upon us renewing our faith and washing away our fear.


It WILL happen.




The blizzard may rage, but it WILL end and when it does the sun will shine.



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4 thoughts on “Through the Blizzard Comes the Sun: BPM

    1. The blizzard outside might have given way to sun, but ours still rages. Hoping for more answers this week. Thanks for the prayers they are much appreciated, and we are clinging to every itty bitty little moment of joy today. Clinging so hard my knuckles are white.

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