Tick, Tick, Tick


Oh time where do you go?

Another spring another time change. Ugh…it truly drives me CRAZY! Muy loco!

I’m not sure whose bright idea Daylight Saving Time is, but they really need to spend the first couple of days with an out-of-sync three year old and ten month old. Don’t get me wrong, when June rolls around I’ll be praising the time change, as I enjoy my evening walk to the park in sunshine. But for now I’m gonna be a whiner, because well I feel like it. (and I’m functioning on one less hour of sleep.)

It just ticks me off (no pun intended). Like really do I need to lose an hour?

When every day my only goal is to SAVE TIME.

Hurry, hurry, hurry. Grocery store in 30 minutes, ready, set and go! So I can hurry home where I contine rushing around cleaning the house, making dinner, working out and hanging with the munchkins not to mention my sweet hubby.

In this whirlwind called my life time is flying by at the speed of light. Everyone told me this would happen once I had kids and got older, but I didn’t really believe them until now.

It seems like just yesterday that my boys were like this.

E Newborn
G Newborn

And now they are like this.


I just need one moment to catch my breath. Which I only seem to achieve while I’m sleeping.

I find it ironic that the things we want to go slower, like weekends, and time with family go SUPER (speed of light) fast. And the things we want to come quickly take their sweet ass time…ahem…Spring where the hell are you!

So, I and the boys will rough it for the next week or two till we get back into the groove, and when Fall comes we will stop and catch our breath, and appreciate that extra hour just a tad bit more.

One thought on “Tick, Tick, Tick

  1. >We were lucky that somehow, my son's spring break lined up this week with DST change. We can ease into the hour ahead thing without stressing out this year. Probably for the only time ever…

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