A Treat-Filled Sound Bites of the Week


Welcome to the Sound Bites of the week. Basically, it’s my way of documenting all the funny shit I hear on a daily basis. It could be from my kids, husband, friend, or even the random person at the grocery store.

Now that we have the introductions out of the way, let’s chat for a bit.

So, starting the week with Halloween was a bit crazy. We hit the pumpkin patch on Sunday so we could have some Jack-o-Lanterns for the front porch. Nothing like the last minute.

Sound Bites of the Week Pumpkin Patch


On, Monday, I headed to school for the big costume parade and then volunteered for the class party where I read I Need My Monster a billion times {ok  that might be an exaggeration}.

This year the whole family dressed up, and it was fun, especially since it was 60 degrees outside. For those of you unfamiliar with Iowa weather, usually Trick-or-Treating involves mittens, boots and a big coat over the cute costume. ┬áThe boys met up the neighbor kids and hit the hood for some treats. Seriously, we now have so much candy, I think “Santa” might be using some of for stocking stuffers. Except for the 100 Grand bars – those are MINE!
Do you have a favorite Halloween candy?




The amazing weather lasted all week and today we were able hit the trails for a family hike. I even let the boys eat lunch on a cliff. Although, I was yelling at them the whole time to be careful. The helicopter mom in me will never die.



All in all, it’s been a great week, and this weather made it even better. There were a few Sound Bites that also added to the awesomeness of the week, and here they are!

“Mom, have you heard of Lincoln Washington? He’s a president.”

“Every day I’m shuffling, leaves, leaves.”


Well, I’m off to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre in an empty barn, so I’ll probably never sleep again.

Have a great week!

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