A {Re-entry} Sound Bytes of the Week

Whoa! I’m back from my Chicago escapade and I’m FINALLY starting to feel like a human again. I had heard re-entry sucks, but I kind of rolled my eyes and thought I could handle it. Ummm…yeah…nope. Re-entry DOES suck. It sucks balls {sorry mom, but it really does}.


Re-entry post BlogHER


Mostly, it’s the sleep deprivation. I think I slept a total of 10 hours in three days, and drove 8 … that’s just wrong.


Well, anyway I won’t dwell on it, but what I will tell you is that it’s nice to be home. I’d also like to welcome some of the new visitors here that I may have met during my trip. {I’m not going to mention where I was, because then my poor friend will have read yet another blog post about “the conference that shall remain nameless”}


Now it’s time to hunker down and get ready for school … {car screeching sound} … Yep, it’s that time my friends and I have to say I’m dreading it more than the boys. It’s been VERY nice having a nanny all summer. No daycare runs in rush hour, no phone calls about E’s behavior, just a nice peaceful summer. I have a couple of more weekends to soak up summer and I’m going to make the most of it, even though moving boxes are still begging to be unpacked. I figure I can do those once it starts snowing….bwahahahaha.


I think a trip to the pool and park might be in order tomorrow and you better bet I’ll be wearing my bikini {especially since Brittany approves}.


Before I get too ahead of myself why don’t we dive into this week’s Sound Bytes.


3. “Somehow when I see a Target I just feel safe.”

This is so true. It’s kind of like what my mom told me, if you’re lost just find a mall. Yep, I was lost in Chicago and found a Target … ahhhhh … home.



2. “We aren’t cookie monsters we are cookie devourers.

I’m not sure that’s a word, but you gotta give E some credit as a word smith.


Cookie Monsters

1. “I’m so classy I smell classy.”

Best quote from “The conference that shall remain nameless.’ I started laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. If you have a chance stop by Kelli’s and say “hi” she is one classy chic.

Well, I”m off to start the weekend and watch a special episode of Octonauts, fun times.

Have a great weekend and make sure you dive into some fun!


Each week I do a Sound Bytes of the Week. If you have some you’d like to share leave a comment, I’d love to hear them.


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