An {Early Bird} Virtual Coffee

Good {yawn} Morning.

It’s so early the birds are just waking up. Typically, I’d be at the gym this early, but…due to some shall we say irritating rules about staying in scheduled class times, I’m not allowed back at the 6 am class for another week. Grrr…

But that’s good news because I’m here to have coffee with YOU! Even though you are probably still slumbering in a nice cozy bed. Keep snoozing, I’ll keep your coffee warm.

If we were really meeting for coffee today, I’d of course have ask you about your weekend and if you had a nice Easter.

We spent most of the weekend in the Quad Cities with my mom and stepdad. On Saturday as mentioned in Friday’s post we headed to an egg hunt.

Perhaps my memory is foggy, but I vividly remember actually having to find the eggs. You know look under leaves and around trees, etc. However, I guess in this world of Egg Hunt for Dummies, they just throw a bunch of eggs in an empty patch of grass and let the kids go to town. After the herds of kids were gone the park was spotless, not one egg was left behind. Why can’t they clean up their toys that well?

E did a great job getting eggs and according to my mom actually gave one up to a little guy, as they went for it at the same time. Making mama’s heart proud.

Upon inspection of the eggs we soon found out that all of them were filled with … dum…da…dum…STICKERS!!! UGH. You should have seen E’s face. He HATES stickers. Seriously, anything sticky and especially stickers. He was so bummed. G on the other hand wanted to plaster them all over his body.

A breakfast of blueberry pancakes quickly turned E’s frown upside down and all was good.

On Sunday, my mom made her famous ribs and we gnawed on bones as E {who barely ate anything} kept reciting dinosaur facts, because you know dinosaurs are carnivores. Then we ate the bunny!

While the boys napped, B2 and I headed to the movie. After an odd mix up with movie times {they change the time on Sundays. WTW???} We ended up on the other side of the river watching American Reunion instead of 21 Jump Street. In typical R rated comedy style there were ample amounts of F-words and boobs. Seemed a tad sinful to watch on Easter Sunday, but…at least we were out of the house, alone, doing something other than running errands.

Lastly I thought I’d share so exciting news {and no I’m not preggers}. I submitted some writing pieces to some various mommy websites and I was asked to be a contributor so you will be seeing some of my writing on Mamapedia and Momiverse. And while neither of these are paying gigs, I’m still so proud to have my words out there. I’m thinking I can finally call myself a writer.

I hear the birds loud and clear now, and some little footsteps too. Better head up stairs and start breakfast. This week is going to be a little crazy, B2 will be gone for a couple of days, we have kindergarten round up on Thursday and E is turning 5 on Saturday. Perhaps I need a caffeinated coffee to make it through this week.

Hope you have a great week and now that you are awake, here’s your coffee. Tell me, what’s up in your world?

Don’t forget to head over to Amy’s for more conversation, I’m sure she’s awake by now.

A {Shop-Til-You-Drop} Virtual Coffee

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you for stopping by for coffee. Grab yourself some brew and let’s get down to business.

So, did you see The Hunger Games? I haven’t yet, and I’m on media blackout. So please don’t tell me anything just yet…we can discuss it after this weekend. I’m sure I’ll be bursting to talk about it.

Since we can’t talk about THE movie of the season, let’s discuss our weekends. What did you do? Where did you go?

As I mentioned in Friday’s Sound Bytes, my mom and I made the trek to the capital city for a little retail therapy and of course cheesecake. I’d love to tell you that my shopping trip was huge success and I bought loads of new clothes. But alas, I was sorely disappointed. Perhaps it’s because our weather is a little wacky and the stores haven’t caught up yet or perhaps it had to do with the crappy customer service I received. When I walk around a store twice, with an armload of clothes and not a single sales person says “hi” or offers to get me a dressing room … I’d say they don’t deserve my business.

The little redhead joined us on our trek through mall-land and he NEVER TOOK A NAP. GAH!!!!

He was trooper and other than REALLY wanting to see this duck {then promptly freaking out once he did} he didn’t really loose it until we headed for home.

I believe he just earned himself a spot in our shop-till-you drop club. He’ll be honored.

At the end of a failed shopping day and a four hour drive, I drowned my sorrows in a big piece of cheesecake…AAAHHHHH…

Even though I didn’t buy much on our roadtrip, I did take a Sunday detour through Target and Ann Taylor to pick up some new springy additions to the wardrobe and some much needed workout gear. So, I didn’t leave the weekend empty handed.

Oh, and while I spent the day getting my shop on, B2 and number one son were hanging out with the Porsche club.

So I’d say a good weekend was had by all.

Well, that’s about it from me. I have two late nights at work this week {not too excited}, but at least I’ll get comp time for them.

What does your week entail? Please tell me something fun, as I need to live vicariously through you.

Have a good one and don’t forget to head over to Amy’s for some brew and convo.

A {Springy} Virtual Coffee


Happy Tuesday and first day of spring.

The weather has been reminiscent of May and I periodically need to check my calendar to make sure it’s March. I’m still a little apprehensive about this warm weather trend, because if it keeps this up it could be over 90 degrees in May. But I must quell my worries and just live in the moment … right?

If we were really meeting for coffee I’d actually order mine caffeinated, since I’m a tad sleep deprived. Our youngest, who is suffering from a bout of hand, foot and mouth {gross}, was up SIX times last night. At least it was an equal opportunity wake-up call as Bill took half of them and I took half. This means, if you put us together we might be the equivalent of a whole person with eight hours of sleep.

Yesterday B2 and I tag teamed nurse duties while our little guy stayed home from school. I hung out with him over my lunch hour and read some books. It was loads of fun, and it was so hard to go back to work. Today my mom watched him. Thank goodness she’s here. I don’t know what we would have done without her.

Oh, and I totally wanted to tell you that I finished the Hunger Games. Whoa…I’m soooo looking forward to seeing the movie and how they will translate it to the big screen. Even though I’m waiting with bated breath for the movie, I will NOT be one of the crazy people who line up for the midnight showing. Seriously…I can barely keep my eyes open past 9 p.m. There’s no way I’d be able to stay up that late.

I’m ready to read the second one “Catching Fire”, and I’m patiently waiting for a friend to finish it so I can borrow her copy. Hurry up already! Ha!

If we were really meeting for coffee I’d also tell you that I’ve been participating in Susannah Conway’s Blogging from the Heart ecourse. I’ve really enjoyed the course so far, although I will admit I’m a tad intimidated by all the creative and talented women in the group. The goal of the course is to write from the heart and put yourself out there. Today, I was able to guest post at Bigger Picture Blogs and write my “I am” piece. Stop over and take a look, you might learn something new about me…

Well, Dinosaur Train is over and it’s story time. I’m trying to talk E into reading the “Secret Garden” my FAVORITE book. What was your favorite book as a child?

Thanks for coffee and don’t forget to head over to Amy’s to see what’s brewing.