Help me Make Wishes Come True

24, 42, Hike…

The quarterback grabs the ball and looks down field the receiver is open. He throws it a perfect pass and up jumps the receiver. He catches it. TOUCHDOWN!!!


My dream is to play football for the Hawkeyes.

And in June my dream will come true.

I’ll be swarming the field to the tune of Back in Black, and tossing the football around with our boys in black and gold.

But while my dream is coming true. There are many children whose dreams may never come true.

Meet Hannah …

She’s ten going on eleven. She loves to play outside, and can pitch a softball like nobody’s business. Looking at her, she seems like your average girl, and she had a dream too.

She wanted to be a Iowa Hawkeye cheerleader. She too wanted to step onto the field at Kinnick Stadium and cheer on our boys in black and gold.

Unfortunately, Hannah has mild Aplastic Anemia. This rare blood disorder occurs when the body stops producing enough new blood cells. The risks with this disease include higher risk of infections and most importantly when it comes to an active child uncontrolled bleeding. There is no cure.

This diagnosis, means no contact sports of any kind and definitely no sports that involve creating pyramids of people and basket tosses. So cheerleading is out. A dream never to come true. 

And while Hannah enjoys life, and has sleep overs, rides her bike and hangs out at the mall. Her parents worry. They worry everyday that she will get hurt or contract an infection.

This Christmas that’s exactly what happened. What would probably be a routine kidney infection for a normal ten year old turned into a two week nightmare for Hannah and her family. She had to be transferred to the Pediatric Impatient unit at the University of Iowa, so she could be treated by Nephrology Specialists.

Her little body with her comprised immune system fought the horrible infection for weeks, while her parents spent the night at the hospital holding her hand. 

Hannah and her family are our best friends, B2 and her dad went to college together. When we found out what was going on, it was like our own daughter was in the hospital.

Not only was she in the hospital, but it was almost Christmas. She wanted to be home. Luckily her and her family, thanks to the wonderful physicians at The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, she was able to go home two days before Christmas. It was a miracle.

Even though her healing journey wasn’t over {she still had a pic line for antibiotics, and had to take it easy} she was home.

Hannah’s story is one in a million, and it was a success story. When I went to visit Hannah in the hospital, what I saw made me so VERY thankful for my two healthy boys.

So, Hannah and I want to ask you for your help, because there are so many children out there that have dreams, and by donating to The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital you help them come true.

Visit my donation page and help our little Hawkeyes.


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