A {Floating} Sound Bytes and BPM

I’ve been floating around this week, like a dandelion seed on the wind. Drifting from project to project, deadline to deadline, training session to training session and from family to work and back again. Never once resting or planting myself in one place long enough to establish roots.


dandelion Michelle Pendergrass

Painting by the lovely and talented Michelle Pendergrass.


I just keep floating and the wind carries me along, and I just go with the flow. This will be life for a while…floating on the wind until my roots can be planted in solid ground. Life is so VERY busy {like I’m the only one}, but it’s so busy I haven’t had a chance to really cherish the ride on the breeze. Instead, I’m forcing the wind to blow harder and faster, rushing through tasks in order to get to the next one.

It’s time for the wind to stop blowing, to fall to the ground and rest. I will this weekend {at least for a bit} Saturday’s swim session can be done in the morning so the rest of the day can be spent planting roots in much needed family time. On Sunday I will ride the breeze to my Listen to Your Mother rehearsal cherishing time with old friends, and making new ones.

It’s time to stop floating and be planted, and listen to the world around me, and this week’s Sound Bytes.

3. “I won’t be googlie weird this time, like was last time, because I’m a big kid now.”

E went to the dentist this week, and wasn’t one bit googlie weird…he’s getting so big. {insert mama tear}


2. “Puppies and kitties in my ears.”

Yep G had his monthly visit to the ENT this week, and the doctor found pigs and cows too.



After over a year of searching we finally bought a house. Well, as B2 puts it we have a piece of paper telling us we bought a house. If everything goes smoothly we will be moving in July. Maybe then I can finally plant some roots.

Well, I’m floating off to read stories to little ears and kiss little heads good night. Have a great weekend, and take some time to stop floating and plant some roots.



This is a special hybrid Bigger Picture Moment and Sound Bytes of the Week post.


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  1. Wow… so many t hings to be thankful for… Love to see God is working tremendously in your family! 🙂 Congratulations on your new house! 😀
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