Scenes from My Life: The Rehearsal A Poem

An Everyday poem, about my experience during my Listen to Your Mother rehearsal this weekend. Want to hear my story of Motherhood? You can buy your tickets here, and watch me and my sweaty armpits on the stage.




We sat in a circle.


Facing one another, strangers.


Our stories mysteries to be discovered.


A voice pierced the darkness, we had begun.


My ears heard stories of mothers gone, lessons learned and humor around LEGOS and Jesus in the bathroom.


Giggles lightened the mood.


Heads nodded knowingly


Little by little by little connections were made.


“My son does that too.”


“I can totally relate.”


“I understand your sorrow.”


Kleenex wiped tears from compassionate cheeks.


It was my turn now.
As the words fell from my lips butterflies that were once fluttering in my belly were free to fly.


They alighted on my shaky hands, giving them peace.


The swear words left my lips and for a moment embarassment crept in. But I brushed it off, for the women here have heard these words and their hearts weren’t meant to judge.


My throat constricted when I reached “the” paragraph and I struggled to fight back the flood of tears stinging my eyes.


I looked up for affirmation.


Am I doing ok?


Are people listening to MY story?


They were.


Heads were nodding, noses were sniffling and they were smiling.


The final words fell from my lips and the weight that lay heavy on my shoulders was replaced by a warm blanket of comfort and understanding.


I cuddled in that comfort for the remainder of their stories.


Nodding, sniffling and smiling.


And then we were done.


The last word spoken.


We started as strangers and became something more, one voice for mothers everywhere.

This post is my attempt at Everyday Poetry, check out Hyacynth’s advice on being an Everyday Poet over on Bigger Picture Blogs. Write one of your own and share it with us during Monday’s link up.

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