A {Harmony Found} Sound Bytes of the Week

Way, way, way, way back in January I picked my One Word for the year – Harmony. In the months of craziness that have passed I had fleeting reminders of this word. Lately, it’s been hammering me in the face, this need for NOT balance {because as I’ve mentioned, that’s unachievable}, but harmony. The ebb and flow of all elements of life that give and take in order to achieve a harmonious song.

Harmony Alphabet Photography

I think now that my triathlon is behind us, moving has been accomplished and the hubs and my travel adventures are about to end, Harmony can finally be found.

This week I found it in my 5 for 5 workouts this week…woo hoo! I’m finally back to every morning workouts. I’d have to say it’s a struggle with this damn heat and humidity, but I’m out there running my guts out. Also, since the hubs is at Comicon I’ve had to be creative with my workouts and my time. I’ve also started to focus on the much needed weight lifting and PT for my injured hip. Along with all this hard work comes the harmony between mind and body. When the inner voices stop roaring and I finally accept who I am and the fact that I CAN and WILL wear a bikini after 40.

Suck it UP #RUN

I’m also 4 for 5 on making dinner each night this week. Booya! Perhaps it’s the larger kitchen or I’m in the honeymoon phase with the new house. Either way it’s success and I hope I can keep it up.

We’ve slowly been unpacking, but I’ve kind of been blowing it off in order to spend more quality time with the boys. It’s hard to say “not right now” when a little redhead looks up at you with big blue eyes and begs you to play with him. Cue heart melting.

Silly Summer

As I proceed into what I hope is an even more harmonious weekend, I have to include the melodious sounds of this week’s Sound Bytes.

3. “I’ll be as quiet as a 100 buffalo.”

He was too. UGH…

2. “We made a love sandwich.”

I totally wish I had a photo of this, but the little redhead was tired of being the meat in the sandwich and squirmed his way out.

1. “Ok, G it’s time to go to bed.”
“I’m not going to bed ever. NEVER EVER!”

And so it begins. Hold me…

And so begins my VERY busy weekend.

If you are in the Iowa City area head over to the Iowa City Moms Blog Health Fair and Family Day. I’ll be the redhead running around after a mini redhead and crazy six year old. Fun Times…

Iowa City Moms Blog Healthy Fair & Family Day

Once I recover from Saturday’s fun we are headed to the zoo on Sunday with Mimi and Papa. I can’t wait to feed the giraffes and see the elephants one last time before they are moved to a sanctuary.

So, what’s on your weekend schedule?

Whatever you do make it harmonious.

Milk Mustaches

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