A New Photo Project: Project GROW

Right about now I’d be sharing my first batch of photos from my 365 Project. However, it didn’t quite work out like I had anticipated.

I really did try to do it, but my photos all looked the same.
Boys at breakfast


And then on Thursday I TOTALLY forgot, and quickly took this photo to fill my quota for the day.
The alarm clock…REALLY?


So after perusing many blogs, Pinterest and Facebook I found some great ideas.
Like Instagram.
But I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t like the photo quality of my iPod Touch, so nix that idea. Plus, it still wouldn’t solve the problem of every photo looking the same.
Back to the drawing board.
Then I liked Melissa’s idea over at Peanut Butter in My Hair. Basically, you take a photo on the date of how many kids you have. I have two kids, so I would take my photo on the second of each month. Well, so much for that I already missed the January photo.
I could always do just a month in photos like over at the Simple Things and while I LOVE Rebecca’s templates {which I will probably use} a month in random photos is very reminiscent of what I’m already doing on the blog. I was looking for something with more meaning behind it more of a “challenge”.
A challenge you say…well how about a Scavenger Hunt {it didn’t go well} or I do have ALOT of friends/bloggers who are doing the Project 52 Challenge. While I totally dig the Project 52 concept, I could tell right away that I’d have issues and get all panicky about trying to find the “money shot”, and a photo project should be fun, not add more pressure to my life {because I TOTALLY have enough of that already}
I almost gave up. Perhaps a photo project isn’t my forte.
But then it hit me. What if I incorporate my One Word into photos each month for a year?
I could use Rebecca’s monthly templates and use photos that represent my word.
Just focus on that one word and what I have done to work toward it each month. What a great way to be held accountable and to document my accomplishments each month.
Here’s a taste of what you will see for the month of January.
And while I realize this isn’t the most original idea, I think it is one that I can stick with and has meaning for me. Which is what it’s really all about, right?
Are you participating in a photo project / challenge? 
Tell me about it and why you like it?

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