A {Flowy} Sound Bytes of the Week

I sat at the kitchen table this morning watching two boys gobble up their breakfast. Chitter chattering about superheroes and making faces in the reflection of the kitchen window still shrouded in darkness by the lame time change.


With each moment that passed and each face they made, tears burned my eyes.


Breakfast Faces

However, this morning it wasn’t tears of frustration or anger it was tears of joy and gratitude.


Contrary to yesterday’s sleep-deprived, hectic morning {can we say up and out the door in 45 minutes}, this morning flowed like a nice lazy stream on a warm summer day. We floated through the morning each of us going with the flow.


Not ready to get out of bed? That’s fine take your time.


Not ready to get dressed? That’s fine let’s eat in our PJs.


It was relaxed, fun even.


We listened to music and even had a small dance party in the kitchen to celebrate our smiles instead of frowns.


There were minor moments of frustration when our joy overflowed into our listening ears, but overall we left the house without a harsh word, a tear or eye roll.


It was THE PERFECT morning.


One the way to work I reflected on this perfection, wondering what miracle occurred to make it appear.


The odds were not in my favor.


I was single-parenting this morning.


The kiddos are still not acclimated to the time change.


But … we conquered the morning with smiles.


Then it hit me like a bolt of lightening …


I made my choices intentionally this morning. The moment my feet hit the floor I forced myself to move slower {not lazy slow}, intentional slow. There were more minutes on the clock, we were able to move at our own pace. Moments were measured NOT minutes, and it made a difference.


Through the years of being a mother, I had fallen into the “mornings will be crappy” mindset, and this has been my demise. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, the moment I changed my mindset, and accommodated accordingly the world around me changed.


If I can do this with our crazy mornings imagine what I could do with the rest of our days. The possibilities make my heart giddy.


Change is coming and I’m on the cusp of something wonderful, and with it comes the wonderful words of my sons who remind me that living life intentionally doesn’t mean silencing the noise.


This week’s Sound Bytes were as noisy as ever. I honestly think Little Red’s volume button is always on 10. Yowza!


3. “I’m the Lorax I speak for the trees.”

It was Dr. Seuss week at preschool and Little Red has been quoting and singing songs from the Lorax all week. Our dance party this morning even included “Let it Grow” not to be confused with “Let it Go” our other favorite.


The Lorax


2. “Mom you gotta come see this?”

When your child says this to you at 2 am all kinds of things run through your head. However glow in the dark stickers on his wall are not one of them, hence yesterday’s sleep deprivation.


1. “Pancakes. Pancakes. Pancakes.”

These boys LOVE their pancakes and they also know that when dad is gone it’s all about the pancakes.


My perfect day continues from my desk, and behind my computer. I’m just going with flow, and looking forward to pancakes.


Enjoy your perfectly flowy weekend.

Red in the Sun


In case you missed it … I blogged once AGAIN.

Jeez I really need to step up my game here.


I found Intention this week By way of Silence.

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