Mom Style Files: 3 Trends to Try {#msfiles}

Magazine to Minivan Mom Style Files #msfiles


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but ever since Melissa and I started Mom Style Files I’ve been able to expand my fashion repertoire and step outside my comfort zone.


I’m wearing jewelry other than just my wedding ring, and I traded in my black work pants for brighter colors.


Slowly, but surely my inner fashionista has started to emerge.


However, this transformation isn’t without some bumps in the road.


Often I will buy items on a whim get them home and inevitably they find a permanent spot buried in a drawer or the bowels of my closet.


Unfortunately, it’s fear that keeps me from digging these hidden gems out of hiding.


In the end it becomes money wasted, and that’s not good.


This month’s Mom Style Files Challenge, Magazine to Minivan, was just what I needed to help conquer my fear and finally wear these hidden treasures.


The mission is to take hot fashion trends found in magazines or on Pinterest and adopt them for real mom life.


Here’s a couple of trends I have hiding in my closet …

Styling Moccasins #msfiles


I bought these two weeks ago when the snow started melting, and I have no idea what to wear them with. The only memory I have of moccasins are my mom and step dad wearing them in the 70’s.


Styling the Bib Necklace #msfiles

The Bib Necklace

This necklace came in my last Stitchfix box. I love the look of it, and figured I’d just wear it with a black shirt, but that’s so BORING. I want to make a statement.


Styling the Fedora #msfiles

The Fedora {or cool hat}

Ok I’m not really sure if this is a fedora or not and I truly don’t know if the fedora is still in style. But it’s been in my closet forever {luckily I got it for free}. Either way I need to wear it or give it a nice home.


I’m off to search Pinterest for ways I can style my hidden gems. If you have any advice {especially about the fedora} share it here. I could use all the help I can get.

Next Monday I’ll post pictures of my new styles and the inspiration behind them.

If you are a mom who loves to emulate fashion trends from the stars, or mimics inspiration on Pinterest snap a pic and tag it #msfiles. You photo could be featured in the next issue of Mom Style Files.

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