Let’s Drive {Day 19}

I drove my car today!

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve driven anywhere. Today I started the engine, cranked the radio and car danced as I ran a few errands. 💃🏻

Where did I go?

The first stop Tip Top Cakes for a Friday pastry grab bag. Seriously, if you are craving pastries stop there you won’t regret it. Then I stopped at Dunn Bros. Coffee for my latte and I picked up one for a friend. Any good quarantine calls for comfy clothes thanks to Radiant By Rhi. I’ll be styling while I binge-watch Tiger King. We even have a cute cookie decorating kit by Pink Umbrella – the kids love it.

The last stop was Little Hippo for some masks. Yeah, we’ve reached that point. However, if I can wear one that has Wonder Woman on it then I’m cool with that.

These outside adventures weren’t taken without precautions or anxiety. In fact, I was nervous AF to go anywhere. I mean I haven’t stepped into a place of business for 3 WEEKS. That’s a long time. Even though it was nerve-wracking, I knew I needed to go, or my anxiety would worsen and grow the longer I was isolated.

I worry about the after sometimes. Like will I ever touch an ATM without feeling creeped out? Will I come to depend on my mask forever? It’s concerning.

I digress. (quickly changes the subject)

The bright spot was surprising my sweet friend with a latte and cupcake porch drop. I’m really digging porch drops. Can we keep those after this is over? They make me smile.

We were supposed to talk via FaceTime. Instead, she sat on her porch and I sat in my car, and we talked for over an hour until my bladder demanded it end. Hey Bex, next time I’ll sit on the porch and freeze my butt off.

The night ended with an amazing dinner from St. Burch and the WestWorld Finale.

It was quite possibly one of the best days since this dumpster fire started. 🔥

I firmly believe good friends, cute clothes, great food, lattes, and couch cuddles will get us through this. Oh and car dancing to Taylor Swift.

How was your Friday?

Wash your hands, wear your mask, social distance, be kind to one another and survive (physically and economically) to build a better world. ❤️

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