Mom Style Files: 4 Stores for Family Photo Fashions

Family Photo


Finding the right outfit for family photos can be challenging, last week I gave you some tips on what to look for when planning your family photo fashion. This week I’m going to give you my top 5 stores to find cute and affordable outfits for the whole family.



This is the obvious, since I’m there practically daily. The kids fashions especially, are affordable and stylish, as well as the men’s clothing. My boys aren’t picky and since, I want items they can wear again Target makes a great choice.



This is MY favorite place to shop. Unique vintage pieces, and handmade jewelry make this a great place to find a statement piece for pictures. Many times I plan my outfit first and build the boys’ outfits around it, since they are easier than me.


The Children’s Place

Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, my eldest is picky about his outfit, and Target or Old Navy don’t fit the fashion profile. When that happens I turn to my old reliable The Children’s Place. They have classic pieces and items with just enough of a twist to make them different.



Once a year my husband decides to splurge and shop for himself. We receive coupons on practically a daily basis, so he can get a great deal on wife approved clothing.


Here’s a sample ensemble I put together with one item from each store. In this example I’d probably pair the shirts with jeans for the boys and maybe black skinny jeans for me.


Family Photo Fashion


Family Photo Fashion by brook-easton on Polyvore


While many of these are pretty obvious choices for clothing options, I believe sometimes the pressure for the perfect family photo can cloud our options.


The other bonus place I didn’t mention was your own closet. You might be surprised by what you can put together with a just a little inspiration.


Check out my Pinterest board for more fashion ideas.


Next week we will interview a Photographer and get her perspective on fashion and family photos. Stay tuned.

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  1. B – we just had ours and I was so anxious leading up to it — about the silly clothes! I started with a color scheme and built from that. I really like your ideas. I haven’t heard of Revival — I will check it out!

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