Scenes: Mom’s Night In

I kissed him goodbye.


“I’ll miss you,” I told him with a small pout on my face.


“Oh, you’ll be fine,” he reassured me.


As the door closed behind him I knew it would be true. I’d be fine, heck I’d be more than fine, because it’s party time.


It’s basketball season.


Which means that at least one night a week I’m on my own. While it kind of stinks to do the whole homework, dinner, bath and bedtime routine on my own, the rewards are well worth it.


Back in the early days, I was a little resentful of all the basketball games, and even dubbed him the missing husband. As the years have passed I quickly learned that these little moments in time can be used to my advantage.


This night was no exception.


“Let’s get to bed boys,” I called up the stairs. Never mind that the clock read 6:30 pm, at least an hour and a half before their normal bedtime. Once the boys were scrubbed clean, read stories and tucked tightly into bed, my party began.


Girls Night in


I grabbed my laptop, and ordered dinner from Order Up. The delivery service works in conjunction with local restaurants who don’t normally deliver. There were so many great choices like, Mickey’s Pub, Sparti’z Gyros and Osaka. I ended up choosing Osaka, since I’m the only one in the house that likes sushi. With one click of the button I had ordered and paid for my food. Now all I had to do was sit and wait.


Cue chick flick movie and Pinteresting.


In no time at all, I heard the doorbell, and had sushi in my hands.


Girls night in complete.


Girls Night in



Now I can’t till the next basketball game. Maybe next time I’ll get the Conglomeration from Mickey’s. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Are you ready to Order Up for you mom’s night in?


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If you could have any restaurant deliver to your door who would it be?

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