Project Grow: January

The first month of the year is caput, gone, outta here.

It’s time for a gut check to see how I’m doing with my ONE WORD 365 for the year.


As I went back to this post and reread my ways to grow I found out I’ve been kicking some proverbial ass in this tangibles department.

I signed up for two triathlons, I’m playing Football at KINNICK STADIUM {more on that later}, I’ve been talking with the lawyers and made the final steps to close my dad’s estate, and I talked my friend Ashli {and maybe the hubs} into doing one leg of RAGBRAI.


Now please don’t think I’m bragging because while I’m kicking butt and taking names in the tangibles I’m not doing so well on the intangible {the emotional}.

Right now I’m having HUGE issues with jealousy, self esteem and just being in the moment.

Oh, yeah for each positive there must be a negative. Go figure.

But I’m working on it. Taking baby steps.

I realize that jealousy and self esteem are two sides of the same coin, because when I feel good about myself I don’t really give a crap about what other people are doing. So the key is to find what makes me happy.

So I’ve been hitting the gym, and pounding the pavement for some jwalking {you know jog/walking…yep baby steps people}. It helps. Not because I’m a crazy fitness nut, but it helps clear my head; it helps me let things go and just “be”.

Yesterday, it was 60 degrees here in Iowa. Completely unheard of in January, and I made point of grabbing my boys and heading to the park. The sun was beginning to set when we arrived but for fifteen minutes we laughed and we played. I took ONE photo…just one so I could climb, run and jump with boys.

Now I would say that is Living in the Moment baby.

And that is how I grow.

GROWING in photos…

Kickboxing equals stress relief
running shoes in January?
a new me in contacts
taking the time to watch a sunrise
a January day at the park
visiting the past
Let’s play so football

So, tell me about your January?
Did you meet your goals this month?
Did you live your word for the year?

I’d love to hear it.

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4 thoughts on “Project Grow: January

  1. >Fab results and great pictures, it sounds like all in all you have had a good month, let's hope the rest of the year continues to be good to you x x x x

  2. >So this reminds me of a discussion I've read about with Henri Nouwen when he was answering a woman's desperate question about a child-rearing issue. And he replied something like this: the best gift you can give your children is to be a growing person.
    And I just thought I should share that with you. <3

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