My Perspective: The Double Standard of the Stolen Selfies

  Years ago a Baywatch star and her newlywed rockstar husband taped themselves in all sorts of honeymoon debauchery. The video, stolen from their home, went viral, and was sold without their permission. Photos of the video where even published in Penthouse magazine.   Lawsuits were filed and thrown out. With the judge citing “Once celebrities allow media scrutiny of their private lives, they must learn to live with subsequent news coverage.”   It took multiple … [Read more...]

My Perspective: Battling the Monster of Mental Illness

  If you are new here, you might not be aware that I’m a crazy person.   Like literally certifiable crazy.   I’ve written about my Borderline Personality Disorder and about BigE’s struggles with his own demons. We’ve been working through it all together. Our family and friends try to understand, but for those who don’t suffer from mental illness it’s hard to comprehend.   I can’t count how many times people just say “snap out of it” or “Just laugh a … [Read more...]

My Perspective: Do I Deserve to be an American?

  “Hey buddy, what have you been learning at preschool,” I inquire during the trip home from school.   “Oh, we learn bout Merica,” he states matter of factly.   “Did you learn the Pledge of Allegiance,” of course the moment the question came out of my mouth I knew the answer.   Of course they didn’t learn the Pledge of Allegiance, because no one says it anymore. You know because of GOD and religion and schools and some other politically correct … [Read more...]


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