A Day without my cell phone. What could go wrong? {#sponsored}

This post is part of my partnership with the US Cellular Blogger Brigade Ambassador Program.


Last week US Cellular partnered with comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff to create the “US Cellular No Phone Challenge” a social experiment to see what happens when an avid mobile phone user goes and entire week without their device.


US Cellular #nophone challenge with Mark Malkoff


It wouldn’t be that hard to go for just a day, right?


Intrigued by the challenge I thought what the heck I’ll try it.


How hard could it be?


According to a recent US Cellular survey, one in five smartphone owners would rather live without food and water than their mobile devices. They survey also found that 76 percent of smartphone users would rather live without chocolate, while 69 percent would rather live without caffeine.


Ok…I love my cellphone, but come on give up chocolate. Hmmm….


My goal was a full 24 hours, which on normal day wouldn’t have been that difficult. But February 13 wasn’t a normal day.


I started with the best of intentions.


I didn’t grab my phone once the alarm sounded. Instead it remained on my nightstand, while I proceeded to get ready for my morning gym visit. Once dressed, I made my way down the stairs. Well, let me rephrase that I fell down the stairs. Without my trusty flashlight app on my phone I was a bumbling mess all the way to the garage.


Luckily I had planned ahead and printed a paper copy of my workout, which is usually in phone. My workout wasn’t the greatest, because I kept leaving that paper behind as I traveled throughout the gym.


In the car on my way home, my mind wandered, and my hand itched for my phone. The sunrise in the distance beckoned me to take its picture, but alas I couldn’t because I DIDN”T HAVE MY PHONE.


At this point I’ve only been without my phone for TWO hours and already I was going crazy.


The morning routine went without incident mostly because I can’t use my phone in the shower and I can’t use it while wrangling little people.


However, once in the car I really could have used it.


Some music would have been nice, instead of listening to ads and talking during my commute.


Oh, and it would have been nice to call and schedule that appointment that I needed to schedule, which can’t remember {even to this day}.


I’m old and yes my phone is my brain.


Once at work my brain settled and since I was connected to the internet my anxiety waned while I purged 50 emails from my inbox {yes it’s only 8:30 in the morning}.


Things were going smoothly until I receive an IM from the hubs.


Note to self probably should have given the hubs a heads up on today’s challenge.




“Didn’t you get my text?”


Samsung Cell Phone


At this point I’ll disclose to you that I in fact did bring my phone to work with me. It was in the off position and shoved way deep down into the darkest recesses of my purse. I brought it because leaving the house without it made me worried, frightened even.


What if we got in a car accident?


What if one of the kids got sick?


What if…


“No, my phone isn’t on,” at this point he proceeds to tell me that our oldest was complaining of a sore a throat and has a confirmed case of strep. A kid IS sick…it happened and I didn’t have my phone.


Luckily the hubs stayed home with him. However, I needed to pick up the kiddos’ antibiotics after work.


Great. {insert eyeroll}


Yet again I have to remember something without my phone. I scribble on a post-it note attaching it to the corner of my computer in the hopes that it would remind me.


Around noon, my eldest walks into my office. “Ummmm, whatcha’ doing,” I inquire surprised by his arrival. “Dad’s going to the gym so he dropped me off,” he said. “He called and texted you a bunch of times.”


Ahhh…surprise visitors one of the many fun things you receive when you don’t have your phone.


Immediately my son asks to play a game on my phone, and yet again after seeing his irritated face I remember why I have a love affair with my phone.


I distract him with markers and paper. Eventually, the hubs came to pick him up and the day went on like usual.


Until it was time to head home.


Each night I have a ritual for my evening commute.


First I call or text my husband to see which kiddo I should pick up. This little tidbit of information can save me a 30 minute trip downtown. Then I call my friend Ashli. We have a tiny window of opportunity to talk before both of us pick up the kiddos. Lastly {if there’s time} I call my mom. This is really the only time I can talk to her without kids jumping on me or yelling “mommy”.


But tonight, my drive was silent.


I missed my friend and our witty conversations, and I missed my mom.


My night was silent too.


Making dinner without music is like making a cake without eggs. It just doesn’t work.


Once the kiddos were tucked into bed I finally checked my phone, which had 200 emails, 20 text messages and 15 missed calls. I needed the next 24 hours just to catch up.


I know technology gets a bad rap, but at times like this when kids are sick or the roads are snowed over it’s nice to know I have the security of US Cellular’s reliable service to keep me connected.


Oh, and it’s nice to capture and share a sunrise once in a while too.




You can see how Malkoff did with the challenge here.


What about you?


Could you live without your phone for a day?


My answer is a resounding NO! {on a side note I’d even give up chocolate and caffeine for it}


US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade


Disclosure: Through the rest of the year I’ll be sharing some more of My BETTER MOMENTS as a US Cellular Better Moments Blogger Brigade Ambassador. All opinions are my own and an honest view of my story as a US Cellular customer.

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