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Happy Valentimes - Love SBOW 2-14-14


It’s Valentine’s Day in case the hearts and cupids swirling around your head didn’t give you a clue. Throughout the years I’ve had a love / hate relationship with the day. On one hand I’m infuriated by the consumerism of it all and on the other I wax nostalgic because the hubs and I met on Valentine’s Day and he proposed to me around Valentine’s Day. It really has a special place in my heart {no pun intended}.


 Me and the HubsPhoto by Towler Photography


On a day like today even if you are single and hate the whole marketing version of the holiday consider this…it’s a great day just filled with LOVE.


It’s what makes the world go round ya know.


So spread a little today to yourself, to your co-workers, friends, family, fur baby {that’s your pets} or be bold and share some with a stranger.


Even the littlest bit of love can make someone’s day.


The boys have been spreading the love in the form of strep throat this week. It’s good to share hugs and kisses, but not so good to share germs. The hubs and I are crossing our fingers that don’t get it, and we are also thanking God for amoxicillin.


Even though their throats were sore, they were still full to the brim with some lovely Sound Bytes.


3. “Say the password.”

Every time I ask Little Red to do something he says this and then proceeds to make up multiple bizarre passwords. Like bologna, salad, band aid … you get the point.


2. “Mom, I have a secret. Every night when you and dad go downstairs I sneak into your room and use your Chapstick.”

Said to me after he was diagnosed with strep. He’s now the proud owner of his own Chapstick and I’m wishing I could Clorox my lips.


1. “Happy Valentimes.”

Notice the “m”? Yep every time he says it, so adorable and yet a tad annoying.

Well, in about 10 minutes I’m headed out the door for dinner and to see Brett Michaels in concert. I may or may not rock some Aqua Net hair.

Have a great Valentines Day and remember to spread some love.


Spread the Love


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