Lessons in Vintage by Revival: Mom Style Files

I make my downtown clickty, clacking along the brick walkway in the pedestrian mall, and dodging the occasional bike and pack of college kids.


Finally I reach my destination, Revival, my mecca for hip, vintage clothing. I’ve visited the store numerous times, and drooled over the funky dresses and quirky shoes and bags. However, each time I’ve been in the store my two children have accompanied me and this can kill my shopping mojo faster than you can say “stop touching that.” So my visits have been brief.


Revival Store Front

But today was different.


Today is bliss, because I’m in the shop sans children and I’m being professionally dressed by shopgirl Anna. {insert high pitched squeal}


After our introductions she takes me to the secret back room, and shows me their new collection for the fall, which is inspired by my favorite decades, the 60’s and 70’s.


Immediately, my eye goes to half a dozen different items, but I only pick two for her to style, because I can’t spend all night at the shop {even though I want to}.


We decide one look for weekend fun {mom and kid friendly} and one for work.


With limited time we also decide that Anna will style one and then based on her tips and tricks I’d style the other all on my own {gasp}.


Up first weekend fun. Keep in mind that while it might be 90 outside now, this outfit is looking forward toward fall.


The first true vintage piece was the cardigan. There isn’t much background on it’s history other than the fact that Anna dates it sometime in the 70’s. Which seems apparent when you notice the button detail and the waist tie.

cardigan close

Once the main focus piece is determined it’s time to start building the outfit. This is where things can get tricky.


My first lesson in vintage, don’t fall in love with a piece until you try it on first. There were these awesome electric blue skinny jeans that matched the sweater perfectly, however when I attempted to put them on they barely fit over my calf. Ummm..yeah..not happening.


Blue Pants

Which leads me to another lesson. Don’t get hung up on size. Twenty years ago there was no such thing as a size 2. In fact what was a size 4 is actually today’s size 2…so crazy. This means that trying items on is a MUST, and don’t discount something just because it may not be in your “size”.


We tried a pinkish / red pant with the sweater, but I started looking like a Granimal. Anna suggested dark denim skinnies and these by Paige fit perfectly. Like so perfectly I didn’t want to take them off.


Revival full Shot

Next up the “simple” layering t-shirt. Sure I could have gone with a plain Jane gold, but seriously who doesn’t love a hot dog t-shirt.



One of the hardest parts for me when picking an outfit is finding the right shoes, but with Anna’s help I found these by Sam and Libby.


There are no words for how much I adore these shoes. I really want to keep them, but they are a tad small, so I’ll have to see how I feel after walking in them a while.


The final touches.

Made Earing

Earings by MADE.

The details

The Bag, because no mom can leave the house without a bag


and some 70’s shades.


Vintage Mission accomplished.


But now it was my turn to do it all on my own. Oh, the pressure.


THE tip Anna gave me for those of us {like myself} who want to start dabbling in Vintage clothing is to pick a dress. It’s one piece and all you need are small accessories to make it work.


Of course I took her advice and picked this.

Vintage Dress


My mom probably had a dress just like this in her closet back in the day, and she’s probably rolling her eyes right. But seriously this dress…this is totally me.


Now I just have to style it…


Here’s what I came up with for work. {someone just HAD to have their photo taken}. All the pieces were taken straight from my closet. I might search for some funky shoes instead of the boot and some gold hoop earrings would be nice too. But overall, I like it.

 Revival Me

And there you have it, I’ve now been initiated into the world of vintage fashion and I have to say I’m hooked.


Because of course I bought EVERYTHING, and even added this little jacket to the mix. Which held the surprise of a set of keys and a random 1970’s Toys ‘R US gift card in the pockets.


Another lesson when it comes to vintage you never know what surprises you may find.


Here are the deets on all the items, which have now found forever home in my closet. However, you can find more vintage at the Revival online store. Check it often because items can change frequently and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a hot dog t-shirt.


Vintage Sam & Libby Suede Tie ups: $32
These came into the store and are a Shopgirl fave.  We can’t say for sure, but our guess on the time period for these shoes would be early 90’s.
Vintage Sunnies: $14
We have an awesome collection of vintage dead stock sunglasses from the 1970’s at the store right now.  Many will be included in our online collection.  Dead stock is the term for vintage items that that have never been used or worn.
New Baggu backpack in Forest Green: $42
Baggu is one our FAVORITE vendors. They are based in Brooklyn, NY and create fantastic basic bags in canvas and leather in bold colors.  Great design and great quality.
Vintage Cream Sweater: $22
Just an adorable sweater.  Most likely from the 1970’s
Revival Resale Junk Food Hot Dog Tee: $8
No story!  Just super cute.
Revival Resale Paige Skinny Jeans: $38
Paige makes fantastic jeans and retail when new around $150ish
Vintage Printed Zip Up Mod Dress: $18
Super cute mod shape.  Era is mid to late 60’s.
Vintage Windbreaker: $25 + a Toys ‘R Us gift Card and a set of keys
What a steal! Not only do I look hip, but I saved money too. Now that’s cool…

Are you a vintage girl too? If you are share your photos on Instagram and tag them #MSFILES and will feature you in our wrap up.

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