A {Glamping} Sound Bytes of the Week

This weekend we went camping or as I like to call it  “glamping” {ie: glamourous camping}.


We rent a cozy cabin complete with running water, heat, real beds, and we still have our smartphones.


Oh, and a true glamper brings a Porsche, right?


Porsche 2013


Ok, maybe the Porsche is a little over the top, but the hubs and I wanted to go on the annual fall Porsche drive in Wisconsin. So, while we were whizzing around s-curves, the grandparents were nice enough to watch the kiddos at the cabin. It was a win, win for everyone.


Porsche Drive 2013


There was also …


No noise, other than the wind through the trees.


No craziness, other than two boys who are running around in the open green space.


No obligations, other than relaxing and making sure the marshmallows are roasted just right.


I needed this, well we ALL needed to getaway from the world spending and spend quality time together. Sure there was the occasional temper tantrum, eye roll and scrunchy face, but they were more tolerable and less plentiful because of the fresh air and sunshine.


Backbone 2013


There was also a lot of running, happy screaming, stick battling and some HILARIOUS Sound Bytes of the Week.


Backbone 2013


3. “That cloud looks like a dragon.”
“You’re right G. I can see its wings and fangs.”

There is nothing I love more than hearing conversations like this between my boys.




2. “G, what do you want to be for Halloween?”
“A monster, so I can scare my friends.”

Finally a three year old who knows the meaning of Halloween. Spook on little guy, spook on.


1. “Ewww, I think someone hit a skunk.”
“No E that’s just pig poop.”
“Oh, well then it smells yummy, just like my farts.”

Well, you knew there had to be a fart reference in there somewhere.


Well, I’m off to do some laundry, wash the campfire smell from my hair and cuddle up I my own bed.

Family Pic Backbone 2013


Have a great week.



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