Inspired by Child’s Play: Guest Post By Robyn

Lately, the busyness of life has kind of sucked the inspiration from my soul. As you can tell by the blog’s silence the words have been few and far between. Then I met Robyn, a spunky mom who loves to snap photos and eat sushi. She agreed to provide me with some words and inspiration, so the blog wouldn’t be silent during our move to the new house.


Welcome Robyn!


Have you ever watched a child play? I have been blessed with two very creative and energetic boys. Watching them play brings me back to my childhood and the countless hours of imaginative play that lends itself to dreaming, wishing and hoping.

As a little girl I remember always having a banter with my imaginary friend “Mary Hopeston” about my babies and my husband. Her name? Not too ironic. “Hopeston” would most likely come from the fact that the very core of my being, even as a child, was “hoping” to “marry” someday and bore children. Why is it that it comes as a surprise to me; that even as a grown woman who is on the outer leaves of a blooming photography career, I still feel the inner pull of her family stronger? I am a strong believer in the fact that you are born with a purpose, a drive, a direction in which you are to go. As a child you listen to this and as an adult you tend to suppress it to conform to what others want you to be.
Watch children play. Take cues. Their little minds are spinning a million times per moment. They look outside the box. They use simple everyday objects to create something that they don’t have. They use objects differently than the purpose they are technically given. They take in a space, they fill it. They create beautiful things out of simple objects. They don’t find limits and often have to be given some.
Today my challenge to myself and you is to think the way a child does. And think back to the way you played as a child. What were your regular play habits? What did you dream about? Today you must revert to the way you were as a child so you can: Play big. Dream big. Push your limits. And watch yourself grow.
Enjoy that inner child today!
Robyn Rasmussen
Robyn is a business minded-woman who spills her heart into her family, faith, home life, blogging and photography business. Always learning and aspiring to be more and touch more lives through the gifts she has been granted.

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