Mom Style Files: Top 3 Reasons YOU Should Accessorize and May’s Mission {#msfiles}

Last week I talked about my new-found love for accessories and how my monthly Stitch Fix subscription is helping me rebuild my collection.


I even shared a few of my favorite pieces.


Now it’s your turn.


This month’s Mom Style Files mission is all about accessories.


Accessorize Me Mom Style Files


Your challenge is to try a new accessory each week. It could be earrings, a necklace, bracelet, rings, scarves or even a hat. Go crazy and have fun.


Melissa and I know that all of us moms are busy and the need to accessorize may fall to the wayside enlue of changing diapers, working long hours, making dinner and difusing the occasional temper tantrum. However, accessorizing your outfit can make dramatic difference not only on the outside but the inside as well.


Here are MY top three reasons why you should accessorize.


3 Reasons You Should Accessorize : Mom Style Files


1. You will feel better about yourself.

Years ago my junior high math teacher would give us extra credit if we dressed up on test days. The theory being that if you dress up and according him “look better” you will do better on your tests. I needed all the help I could get in math. So on test days I dug out the skirts and jewelry instead of wearing jeans, and calculated myself to a better grade. Ironically, I didn’t even need the extra credit. Perhaps it was the outfit or maybe just the studying who knows.


But the theory that if we put some effort into dressing ourselves in the morning we might feel a bit better about ourselves does hold some water, because I’m the proof. Truth – once I started accessorizing and putting more thought and effort into what I was wearing my self-confidence grew, plus it was FUN.


Who knew getting dressed could be fun?


2. You can safely try a trend

Ever want to try a bold color, but aren’t ready to invest in entire piece of Fuschia clothing? That’s where accessories come in handy. They are an inexpensive way to test-drive a trend.


The trend I tried – feather earrings.


3 Reasons You Should Accessorize: Mom Style Files


My friend and Mom Style Files colleague Melissa talked me into buying them during a trip to Chicago. It was my chance to go a little wild and you know what I LOVED it. Now I’m wearing bold statement necklaces, scarves and funky shoes too. It’s opened up a whole new world of fashion without breaking the bank.


3. Size doesn’t matter

First and foremost I don’t have time to breath let alone try-on clothes at the mall, so accessories are a nice way to spruce up my wardrobe without subjecting myself to the dressing room mirror. Not only that, but right after the birth of my second son, when I was in the midst of my fitness journey, accessories were my salvation.


There’s no sizing on necklaces, scarves or earrings and that brings a smile to this mama’s face.


It’s time to get started on our May Accessorize Me Mission. If you need some inspiration, check out our Mom Style Files Pinterest board.


We look forward to seeing your accessories this month, and make sure to tag your photos with #msfiles.


You might just be featured in our May round up.

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